‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Ryan & Miss Kitty Clash After Ryan Vacations with Rachel

Black Ink Crew Chicago Season 6 Episode 13
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There have been a few updates.

2nd City Ink is hiring new artists. Miss Kitty is in charge of the interviews and allowing people to walk in to see if they are the right fit. In a green screen interview, Kitty says she’s in a weird place with Ryan. She saw that he vacationed to Mexico with Rachel, and people have been hitting her up about it on social media. She’s focused on the shop but she does need to get some things off her chest soon.

Charmaine is in her feelings about Draya leaving to work at 9 Mag. She’s in an okay place with Ryan because he apologized for this, but she’s still not on good terms with Phor and Don.

Back at 9 Mag, Ryan confirms he hired Bella back.

Don reveals that he and Ashley have separated. He’s on a spiritual journey and living with Phor. Phor has made it clear that Don’s new spirituality is irritating.

Ryan and Kitty have an intense conversation.

Kitty pulls up to 9 Mag and in a green screen interview, she says she needs to confront Ryan because he hasn’t been defending her amid all the backlash she’s been receiving on social media.

When she gets inside the shop, she tells Ryan they need to speak in private. Kitty says she looks crazy when the whole world saw that he went on a vacation with Rachel. It was embarrassing. But Ryan gets heated and says his family comes first. And he never told Kitty they were in a relationship. Producers then playback a scene of Ryan saying just that. After Ryan says Kitty can’t tell him what he can and can’t do, she storms off.

Bri is turning 18.

Van and Jenn are back together. His daughter Bri just turned 18 and she’s going to the military. And he has a new dog who happens to be an exciting addition to the family.

Bri wants to have a party to celebrate her 18th birthday. She wants Charmaine, Ryan, Phor, and Don there, too. She’s been knowing them since she was 12. While Van knows this may not work out, he tells her she can invite whoever she wants to.

Eddy honors his daughter.

Former NBA player Eddy Curry and his son Noah walk into 9 Mag. Noah is Ryan’s nephew and the son of his deceased sister Nova. Noah is the only survivor of the double murder situation that took Ryan’s sister Nova and his niece Ava’s lives.

Eddy didn’t see his daughter Ava until she was in a casket. Nova and Eddy had a romance while he was married. But Ryan doesn’t like the negative things people have to say about this.

To honor his slain daughter, Eddy asks Ryan to tattoo Ava’s name on his knuckles.

Bri stops by 9 Mag.

While Kitty and Plug are hanging out, they talk about Ryan. Both feel it was embarrassing for Ryan to vacation with Rachel for everyone on social media to see.

Van’s daughter Bri goes by 9 Mag to invite Ryan, Phor, and Don to her 18th birthday party. They all explain that they have grown apart from Van but they will still attend her party. And they plan to come in peace.

When Kitty shows up to 2nd City Ink late, this bothers Charmaine. Plus, the shop has been a mess lately. As of now, she’s starting to feel as if Kitty has been slacking. And she needs Kitty to tighten up before she goes on maternity leave. She goes to the bathroom after she checks in with Kitty.

Not too long after, Charmaine panics and tells everyone that she’s about to go into labor and she needs to be taken to the hospital.

It’s the evening of Bri’s party.

Kitty attends the party in Charmaine’s place. Turns out Charmaine had a false alarm and she’s on bed rest. Van is happy to see Ryan, Phor, and Don there.

Lily tries to walk into the party but producers tell her she’s been banned from the show for calling black people the N word. She tries to argue and accuses them of “playing the black card.” Turns out Bri invited her but she’s still not allowed in. So she leaves in a huff.

Back at the party, Van thanks the guys for coming out. Even though they probably won’t be close again, he’s grateful that Phor, Ryan, and Don were able to put their differences with Van aside for Bri. In a green screen interview, Ryan makes it clear that he won’t be rekindling his friendship with Van.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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