‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Puts Tati on Blast

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Kitty is still at odds with Tati, Donna, and Bae.

Miss Kitty found herself a target of her old crew in New York. The “Black Ink Crew” star instantly became an outsider after Sky told the others she read Kitty hooked up with Ryan on a blog. Kitty would deny this, but Tati told Cease that the hookup happened.

So Kitty hasn’t been on good terms with Cease, Tati, Donna, and Young Bae since.

She even came to blows with Tati and nearly got physical with Bae, too. Plus, Donna made threats of her own. Regardless, Kitty has washed her hands clean of the New York drama. And she’s happy working in Chicago at Charmaine’s tattoo shop, 2nd City Ink.

Kitty puts Tati on blast.

In the meantime, Tati is still being messy on social media.

After Kitty and Ryan appeared to have a blowup on the recent episode of the Chicago show, Tati threw some jabs on Instagram.

She wrote, “Lied & deaded all your friends for what? For this? Smh. We told you to keep it real with yourself! Did we not?!”

Tati also mentioned Donna and Bae in the comment.

Kitty decided to clap back when she spotted what Tati had to say. She wrote, “Oh nah, I just KNOW Methhead Molly ain’t up in these comments big cappin! I’ll start by saying if Viacom has a problem with Latinas saying the N word in an aggressive manner, we have a white Latina over in NYC that says it constantly. It’s on camera as well. Let’s keep that same energy Viacom.”

She added, “This is why you should mind the business that pays you and stay on the ONE show that you get paid the least to do the most. Friends?! HA! I don’t know why she’s tagging the others in that fluke a*s post, especially since she was telling me ALL their personal business and how much she couldn’t stand Bae, but I digress. When the bear is sleeping,…just leave it alone.”


These aren’t the only accusations Kitty has made about her former co-workers. She also accused Bae of hooking up with Cease.

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