A1 Bentley’s Mother Pam Bentley Refuses to Stay out of His Marriage Woes with Lyrica Anderson

Photo Credit: The Zeus Network/YouTube

“Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley’s marriage has been a focal point on the show. After A1 had an affair with Summer Bunni, Lyrica decided she was done. And she moved out of the house. According to Lyrica, she didn’t even give A1 the address to her new place. This was something she decided she needed to do because she believes A1 has disrespected her too many times. So all she wanted to do was just peacefully co-parent their son Ocean.

A1 accused Lyrica of cheating, too. Regardless, he wanted them to save their marriage.

So both have decided to make an appearance on The Zeus Network’s show, “The Conversation.” The whole point was for both to have a raw conversation about what went wrong in their marriage. To no surprise, things get heated between them multiple times while filming.

Interestingly enough, things get even worse when A1 and Lyrica’s mothers join the conversation. Lyrica G and Pam Bentley have clashed a lot over the years. They have often disagreed when it comes to who’s responsible for the downfall of A1 and Lyrica’s marriage. And the circumstances haven’t changed.

In fact, when Pam and Lyrica G come face to face on “The Conversation,” it doesn’t take long for them to start arguing. When Lyrica G tells Pam that they should stay out of Lyrica and A1’s marriage, Pam strongly disagrees.

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