‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Miss Kitty Claps Back at Criticism

Miss Kitty and Ryan Black Ink Crew Chicago
Photo Credit: VH1

During the mid-season premiere for “Black Ink Crew Chicago,” Miss Kitty confronted her co-star Ryan Henry about his family vacation with Rachel in Mexico recently. For Kitty, she learned about the trip from social media via backlash she was receiving from fans of the reality show. Many fans believed Kit and Ryan were indeed in a relationship.

What made it seem worse for Kitty is that Ryan didn’t publicly defend Kitty from the backlash. As a result, Miss Kitty expressed frustration with Ryan for not standing up for her on social media.

When Kitty confronted Ryan about the move during the season premiere, Ryan flat out told Kitty that they weren’t in a relationship. Interestingly enough, VH1 producers played a flashback scene where Ryan seemingly told Kitty exactly this.

Ryan didn’t appreciate the editing during this scene, so Ryan called out the producers. He claimed Big Fish Entertaiment fabricated the scene to make it seem as if he told Kitty they were in a relationship.

But make no mistake, Miss Kitty’s able to stand up on her own. In fact, Miss Kitty not only gets jabs thrown online by Tati, but she’s also been dealing with a barrage of insults from viewers. And some have been critical about her fallout with the New York crew and move to Chicago.

In fact, Kitty responded when a fan of the show accused her of being a clout chasing, gold-digging person that ruins friendships.

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