‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Bella Defends Going off on Star for Talking to Phor

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Bella has a crush on Phor.

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Bella was furious when she was fired from 9 Mag. But she went to Ryan and told him that she was struggling without a job as a single mother. Ryan would refuse to rehire her. However, he eventually changed his mind and brought her back to his new shop. Everything was going smoothly, and Bella even formed somewhat of a friendship with Phor.

But she has developed romantic feelings for Phor. While he was discussing how he’s ready to settle down with one woman and have kids, Bella told him he should be with a woman he was friends with first. She was flirty when she said this and revealed in a green screen interview that she really thinks Phor is attractive.

Then later on at a tattoo artist mixer put together by Phor and Draya, Bella got angry when she saw Star talking to Phor and Don.

Star works at 2nd City Ink.

When Star began to show off all the tattoos she has, Bella had enough. She walked over and told both Phor and Don that Star is looking for clout. Star asked Bella what the problem was and they began to argue. And Bella then told Star she looked like a “two-dollar h*e.”

At this point, the women had to be separated by security. If not, a physical altercation was sure to follow. Ryan, Don, and Phor felt like Bella overreacted and messed up the vibe of the event.

Bella doesn’t regret what she said.

Interestingly enough, Bella appears to have no regrets about her actions. When Q from the New York show brought up the situation, she had more to say.

Q wrote, “Bella, what she look like a $2 what??”

Bella wrote in response, “H*e. They didn’t show the part of her almost showing her a*s and p*ssy trying to show off a tattoo.”

Check out the clip of Bella and Star’s blowup below.

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