‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Recap: Things Get Scary Amid the Pandemic

black ink crew chicago season 6 episode 16
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Everyone is adjusting to the pandemic. 

Charmaine and Neek have made it to the hospital. She’s having contractions every five minutes so that means the baby is coming. She’s really afraid to give birth during the pandemic. Charmaine has already been told that she will have to wear a mask. But she’s hoping everything works out and she’s ready to become a family of three.

Ryan, Don, Phor, and some of their friends head to the gym. They know the pandemic is taking off, so they try to sanitize the workout equipment the best way they can. For now, 9Mag is still open.

Draya reflects on how a lot of businesses have started to close down. She had to call the nail salon to make sure it was open before she headed that way. Her appointment will have to be quick, so she can tattoo a client. When she gets to the nail salon, they take her temperature first to make sure she isn’t sick.

Bella and Brittany go grocery shopping. A lot of things are already gone like bathroom tissue. But Bella is happy to get some water and potatoes. Bread is all out and Bella says she’s never seen anything like this before as she stares at empty shelves.

Kitty and Jessica are worried.

Jessica FaceTimes Kitty. They talk about how stressful everything has been amid the pandemic. They are wondering how they can even pay rent for 2nd City Ink with everything going on. Clients are canceling appointments and the tattoo shops may be closed down soon.

Kitty hopes the shop won’t get in a position that it can’t come back from.

Ashley and Don make a decision.

Charmaine is feeling much better now that she got her epidural. It’s a surreal moment for her. She’s so thankful that Neek has been there to support her every step of the way.

9Mag is still open for business. This is despite the fact that a lot of other businesses have decided to close down. But Ryan will keep the shop open until the government tells him to shut everything down.

Inside, everyone is keeping everything sanitized.

Now that the schools have been closed, Ashley isn’t sure she should go to Texas with the kids. So Don comes over so they can discuss things. They are both worried about the pandemic. Right now, Texas has more cases. So traveling there isn’t the smart thing to do.

Don says that he feels like they should quarantine together with the kids. Ashley agrees.

Steven flirts with Kitty.

While Kitty is at home, Steven FaceTimes her. He says that he and Jessica are going to go back home to London amid the pandemic. While Kitty understands this, she’s still a little disappointed. But she gets that people want to be with their families during such a scary time.

Kitty says she’s probably going to stay in Chicago because she doesn’t want to get her dad sick. He’s older, so she wants to play it safe.

Steven gets a little flirty and says he wanted to spend some time with Kitty and have her show him around in Chicago.

In a green screen interview, Kitty laughs and says that Steven’s attempt to flirt was cute.

While still at the hospital, Charmaine FaceTimes Danielle and tells her to put her clothes on so she can come to the hospital when Nola is born.

9Mag shuts down.

The governor of Illinois has now ordered all nonessential businesses to close. So that means 9Mag has to shut down. Ryan is disappointed and he’s concerned for his employees.

Ryan FaceTimes Rachel to check in. Both are a bit stressed out about having to close down their businesses. Now they have to figure out how to co-parent in two different households and teach the kids during the pandemic.

Although Ryan wants to quarantine with Rachel and the boys, she says no because they don’t have a relationship anymore.

Charmaine and Neek become parents.

After hours of labor, Charmaine gives birth to her daughter Nola Glenda Bey. Meanwhile, Kitty notifies everyone that 2nd City Ink has to close.

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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