RHOP Recap: Monique & Candiace’s Violent Fallout is Set in Motion

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Karen meets T’Challa.

Seven weeks before Monique and Candiace’s altercation, Monique is trying to get adjusted to her new baby boy named Chase and a new bird named T’Challa. In a green screen interview, Monique says she’s been trying to potty train T’Challa. And he loves to be around her all the time. They hop in the car to head to Karen’s new home in Potomac.

When Monique gets there, Karen is stunned to see the bird on a leash, standing on Monique’s shoulder. She would have preferred seeing Chase instead. So after Monique puts T’Challa in the cage, Karen shows her around.

Ray and Karen are having problems.

Karen and Monique catch up. And Karen says Ray hasn’t been happy about Karen being gone a lot working on her perfume. There’s been a lot of tension. So she worries they could break up. But she’s willing to fight for her marriage.

Jamal and Gizelle’s reconciliation is weird for their daughters.

Gizelle is still working on her dream house. Her bedroom will be three stories. Her daughters are there and helping her put together some of the furniture. They take a break and call Jamal so the girls can tell him about their first day at school.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says that she and Jamal are officially back together. She realized no man will love her kids like Jamal. There’s also no one she wants to make memories with other than him. So fixing things was something Gizelle wanted to do.

The phone conversation the girls have with Jamal is a bit awkward. So Gizelle asks them why they didn’t want to talk to him.

Her daughters explain that it sometimes feels as if Jamal calls them just to impress Gizelle. But Gizelle denies this and says that he calls them because he wants to.

Gizelle tells them to just trust her and her oldest daughter Grace says they trust her but they just remember what Jamal put her through.

In a green screen interview, a producer asks how Gizelle knows Jamal has changed from his past as a cheater, and Gizelle says a woman can never know what a man will do. But Gizelle tells her daughters that they have to respect the choices the adults make.

It’s one year in for Chris and Candiace.

Candiace and Chris are planning a party to celebrate their one yer anniversary. They have been quoted about $22,000 for a venue they like.

Chris doesn’t want to pay this amount and Dorothy won’t be paying for it. The couple is still trying to be financially independent. So they really have to think things through. So Candiace promises Chris she won’t go overboard with the budget.

Ashley is getting adjusted to being a new mom to her baby boy Dean. As she pumps, she catches up with Michael. Things have gotten better between them since Dean’s arrival to the world.

Robyn gets good news from Juan.

Juan and Robyn are still together. But it’s also a huge question mark about when they will get married. But what they can agree on is that they have outgrown their current home. They need a bigger place. And the kids have expressed this as well.

After the kids leave them alone to talk, Juan tells Robyn that he’s now wanting to get remarried. A lot has changed in three years and he feels really good about it. This makes Robyn emotional and he hugs and kisses her.

Candiace and Gizelle call each other out.

Gizelle and Candiace go taste deserts for Candiace’s anniversary party. While talking about who will be at the party, Candice confirms she’s not inviting Ashley.

They have a real moment, and Gizelle accuses Candiace of shading her new house. Candiace then says Gizelle shaded her house search last season. While Gizelle feels Candiace never takes any accountability for the mean things she says and it’s not cool, both women agree to just move forward.

Ashley isn’t interested in repairing things with Candiace.

Monique takes Baby Chase to Ashley’s place to see Baby Dean. Both women catch up and talk about motherhood. Ashley then talks about Candice and she says that Candiace came for her on Twitter while she was in labor. But it feels good to have proven Candiace wrong after she said Ashley wasn’t really trying to have a baby.

Monique and Candiace have had their issues too. But as of now, they are rebuilding their friendship. Regardless, Ashley has no desire to do the same. And she’s fine with not being invited to Candiace and Chris’ party. She’s sure Michael doesn’t mind either since he doesn’t care for Chris nor Candiace. This is true especially since Michael clashed with Chris at the reunion.

Wendy makes her first appearance.

It’s the night of the anniversary party. Dr. Wendy Osefo makes her debut and she’s introduced as Candiace’s friend. In a green screen interview, Karen says she’s met Wendy before and she’s “not impressed.” Wendy introduces herself to Monique and they get along quickly. Wendy is Nigerian.

While Candiace has a side conversation with Karen and Gizelle, Candiace asks Gizelle if they are good after their dessert tasting date. Gizelle says they’re good but Candiace should apologize to her and Ashley for the jabs she has thrown on Twitter, especially Ashley. But Candiace doesn’t think she needs to apologize to Ashley for anything.

Monique and Wendy join them and Monique tells Gizelle it seems like she’s grown a lot since getting back together with Jamal. Gizelle says that divorcing Jamal was the best thing she could do for him. It’s helped him to grow.

Charrisse’s appearance bothers Monique.

When it’s time for speeches, Candiace has Karen and Dorothy come to the microphone to discuss what it takes to have a successful marriage. Karen says that it takes a lot of work and she’s still working diligently on her marriage to Ray.

Later on at the party, Charrisse makes her appearance. Robyn is surprised to see her because she didn’t think Charrisse and Candiace were friends. Charrisse wasn’t even at Candiace’s wedding. When Monique spots her, she’s annoyed. In a green screen interview, she says she doesn’t want to be around Charrisse. And Charrisse made up “nasty rumors” about her family.

When asked by a producer what those rumors were, Monique refuses to answer.

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