‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Star Dr. Ish Defends Not Kicking Both Tahiry Jose & Vado out of Program

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Things turned violent in the boot camp house.

Marriage Boot Camp” is in the middle of a controversial season. Many viewers have a lot to say about what went down between Tahiry Jose and Vado.

After Tahiry got upset about Vado shocking her during a shock therapy exercise, she would later throw two apples at him.

This angered Vado but he would later snatch her up after she seemingly blamed him for her aggression. This was a shocking moment that no one in the boot camp house saw coming. While discussing the situation, Vado said, “Man. Man, oh, man. I feel embarrassed. Once it gets to where we on took it, you ain’t got time for that.”

Vado was expelled from the house.

After the intense moment went down, Dr. Ish Major was forced to make a tough decision. He had to decide if Vado would be allowed to stay in the house. So he had a conversation with Judge Lynn Toler. And they ultimately decided that Vado needed to be removed. Although he was expelled from the house, he wasn’t kicked out of the program. But he will have to stay at a hotel for the time being.

While some viewers agreed with this decision, others did not. So they have been very vocal on social media.

Dr. Ish already explained why he thinks what Tahiry did wasn’t as bad as Vado’s reaction. And now he has explained why he didn’t kick both out of the program.

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