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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Donna Gets Irritated When a Fan Asks When She’s Marrying Alex

Photo Credit: VH1

Alex and Donna had a messy start.

Black Ink Crew” star Donna found love unexpectedly with Alex. Many fans of the show can remember that Donna and Alex had a passionate moment in a public restroom. Someone filmed them. And then the video went viral on social media. At the time of this controversy, Donna was actually in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Moe.

He was heated when he learned about the video.

So he called Donna out in front of the rest of the group.

Alex and Donna would eventually begin dating after this. While discussing the video, Alex said, “I mean I just wanted to let you know like I know the way everybody else probably looked at it was a little raunchy. But for me, it wasn’t just like a little fling. I enjoyed it.”

He also wanted Donna to know he wasn’t judging her for it, “I don’t look at it as you being whatever way that other people view you.”

He added, “Me being the V*gina Slayer to the world, it looked like I was just out there doing my thang. But for me it was more…it was deeper than that because I actually do have feelings for you.”

Donna and Alex argued over marriage.

Alex and Donna’s relationship would remain strong. But they did have some tension after Donna told Alex that she wanted to be married by their two year anniversary.

At first, Alex was against this, but he ended up proposing during Walt and Jessica’s wedding festivities.

Weeks ago, it seemed like there may have been another issue in the relationship after Alex issued Donna a public apology for an offense he didn’t want to disclose. But they are still happy and engaged.

Interestingly enough, Donna got irritated when a fan asked her when she and Alex would be tying the knot and having a baby.

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