‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Monique Samuels Exposes Gizelle Bryant

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Candiace goes in.

“Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard had some very harsh things to say about Monique Samuels. During her Instagram Live session, she went all the way in. She questioned Monique’s abilities as a mother and even called Monique a “wild animal.” Candiace also accused Monique of being mentally ill.

She then said that security had to be around after the altercation. And at this point, she’s wondering who actually raised Monique.


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Episode 2 and more.

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Candiace also said Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, and Charrisse Jackson Jordan had a meeting to discuss taking down Monique. And they were going to do it by lying and saying that Chase is not Chris Samuels’ son.

Hours later, Monique hopped on Instagram Live too with Chris. And she said that Candiace left out the fact that she was at the meeting, too.

Monique discusses her former friend’s role in the drama.

She also said that it all started when a former friend of hers started spreading lies about her to the cast and production team amid season 4. The first lie was Monique didn’t have a miscarriage. But she actually terminated her pregnancy. When producers weren’t buying it and refused to let this woman appear on the show, she reached out to Candiace. She also wanted Candiace to give her Charrisse’s number.

Candiace gave her the number and she was put in touch with Charrisse.

The second lie was Monique slept with her trainer and Chase is not Chris’ son. Charrisse began to spread this lie to the rest of the cast. Gizelle then spearheaded a meeting insisting that they would bring this on the show. However, their plan was rebuffed by producers who felt the women had gone too low. Again, this all happened amid season 4.

When the news of this meeting got back to Karen Huger, Karen immediately called Monique. And she was confused as to why Candiace didn’t tell Monique anything about it.


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Y’all done PISSED us off!

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Gizelle is getting her way.

On the current season, they have started to bring Charrisse around without the permission of producers. Charrisse is not being paid nor is she being mic’d up.

After Monique refused to reveal the rumor being spread, Gizelle took it upon herself to say it. Now the rumor has officially made its way on the show right along with Charrisse.

Chris is heated. He thinks it’s unacceptable that his son is being used as an attempt to take down his wife. And with everything he knows about people on the show and their relationships, he’s never thought to go after their kids. That line should never be crossed.

When it comes to Ashley Darby, she was not at the meeting. And after she made up with Monique, she called and told her about Gizelle trying to convince her to talk about the lie on the show. Ashley and Michael Darby refused to be a part of it. So at this point, Monique is done with Gizelle. And she only films with Gizelle when she is told to. She will do her job and be cordial, but she’s done with everyone who was involved.

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