Gizelle Bryant Shades Nneka Ihim + Robyn Dixon Laughs

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Gizelle Bryant is still throwing shade on her podcast.

Real Housewives of Potomac” rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way during the most recent season. Numerous discussions about colorism took place on social media. This was a result of people believing Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett were being treated unfairly due to their skin tone. Gizelle Bryant said the colorism accusations were upsetting to her daughters. Interestingly enough, the colorism conversation wasn’t the only controversy during Season 8. Nneka Ihim joined the show. Since she’s Nigerian, it was anticipated that she and Wendy would build a friendship. However, the opposite happened when Ashley Darby misconstrued a past conversation. Wendy and an Essence Magazine writer felt like the conversations surrounding the tension crossed into xenophobic territory.

Nneka and Wendy weren’t able to hash things out at the reunion. Unfortunately for Nneka, she was not asked back for Season 9. Neither was Robyn. Robyn was upfront that her dismissal from RHOP was not her decision. However, Nneka said that she was making her exit to make becoming a mother her priority.

Well, Gizelle and Robyn threw a little shade on their “Reasonably Shady” podcast. The besties were discussing Jennifer Lopez. They insisted a $60 million home was too expensive for J-Lo.

Nneka Ihim was put on blast.

Gizelle said, “Not to be in anyone’s pocket but a 60 million dollar home is oil money, okay? It’s absurd…totally unnecessary. Why couldn’t you get a 15 million dollar house? 60 million? That’s absurd. And you gotta maintain that. I’m sorry J-Lo, you’re not Jay-Z and Beyonce. Cause Beyonce is gonna make that money, honey.”

Robyn asked, “Oh, and what she canceled her tour?”

Gizelle answered, “Yeah, you see what she said though?”

Robyn inquired, “What did she say?”

In a mocking tone, Gizelle answered, “She’s just concentrating on her family. Remember how Nneka was concentrating on her family and trying to have a baby?”

As Robyn laughed, Gizelle continued, “Sorry, Nneka.”

Check out the clip here.


  1. This is especially nasty considering Nneka is having trouble getting pregnant but there are still weirdos that downplay everything Gizelle does.

  2. Giselle and Robin always have something to say about someone… Then hide their hands… And then play victim, like someone messing with them. That’s why both of the love life is in the toilet… The girl Nneka got what they normally do to people…. The Fake sh-t… Talking about her trying to have a baby, is f-ck up… That’s why Robin husband been cheating on her for ever… And don’t leave Jamal out, with his slick a-s fake preacher….. Remember when he was Mr Chocolate for Ms. Parks…. Messy b-tches stick together….. Period

  3. Nneka was used then trashed…
    That’s how these two operate. But Nneka still beat these two dimwits. She is an attorney married to a doctor and owns a home in Potomac Md that she has the bank to make the mortgage payment. Her coins don’t depend on appearing on a reality show. Gizelle nor Robyn husband’s clearly Never respected them as women and the mother of their children. For all intent and purpose they are two broke bitches living off the crumbs of other people’s lives snd their anger as they reflect inward on their own miserable existence seeped thru the screen. No fan of Nneka but in this dice game she deuced them out.

  4. Poor Lil Nneka 😢. She was warned that the Green Eye Bandits were not her friends. She was warned that she was a way to dig at Wendy and Karen. Nneka gets no sympathy.

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