Keiarna Stewart Sues Ashley Darby’s Former Friend for Millions over Fashion Show Altercation

Photo Credit: Bravo

RHOP is currently in a fragile state.

The cast of “Real Housewives of Potomac” recently wrapped up another controversial season. As we reported, a lot of fans believed Wendy Osefo and Candiace Dillard Bassett were victims of colorism. Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon vehemently denied this. However, their denials didn’t do much to silence the conversation. An Essence Magazine writer was critical of this and how the cast and producers handled Wendy and Nneka Ihim’s cultural dispute. In the writer’s opinion, the whole situation seemed rooted in xenophobia. This is likely one of the reasons why Nneka was not asked back for the following season.

Interestingly enough, Candiace and Robyn also exited at the conclusion of Season 8. Robyn confirmed she was fired. Candiace decided to walk away on her own due to her pregnancy. She especially took issue with being blamed for Ashley Darby’s former friend, Deborah Williams, trying to assault her and eventually assaulting Keiarna Stewart for trying to prevent the violence. Keiarna had to go to the hospital because Deborah hit her in the face with a glass.

The altercation from Season 8 of RHOP has led to a multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

Since Ashley ended her friendship with Deborah as a result of the fashion show drama, it’s unlikely she’ll ever be on RHOP again. Interestingly enough, Keiarna has now sued Deborah over the violent night.

According to TV Deets, Keiarna is suing Deborah for assault and battery. She filed the lawsuit in DC Superior Court back in February. In the court filing, Keiarna alleged that Deborah’s actions resulted in a “serious laceration” on her forehead. And Keiarna had to receive stitches for what became a permanent scar. As a result, Keiarna is suing Deborah for $10,000,000 in damages for the “mental and physical anguish associated” with the altercation.

The publication also reports that the lawsuit will likely be addressed in the upcoming season of RHOP since Keiarna held on to her friend role on the show.


  1. When will Ashley be sued and held accountable because she kept inviting that lady to events knowing she planned to fight Candiace. Ashley should have been fired.

  2. Deborah was bragging about leaving the scar on Keairna ‘s forehead and how she swung first, bet she is wishing she hadn’t posted any of that. When she goes to court, she is going to feel stupid for bragging about attacking anyone. Didn’t anyone tell her that the internet is forever, can, and will be used?
    So much for Muppets attacking 😒 🙄.

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