‘Braxton Family Values’ Star Toni Braxton Responds to Backlash over Recent Tweet

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Toni’s response to a fan upsets some Twitter users.

Toni Braxton is seeing firsthand how quickly one can get caught up in controversy on social media. The singer and “Braxton Family Values” star has been busy promoting her new single, “Dance.” On the bright side, Toni has been sharing and enjoying videos of fans dancing to the new track. And it’s been doing good on the charts, too.

However, some people were not here for Toni’s recent actions on Twitter. Of course, it’s not unusual for celebrities to get called out for what they post on social media. Regardless, Toni probably wasn’t expecting a recent tweet to offend multiple people on Twitter.

It all started after a fan of Toni’s expressed that their dream is to have Toni sing at their wedding. In fact, they said that if they ever get married, they want Toni to sing while they are walking down the aisle.

When Toni spotted the tweet, she said, “Start saving.”

Toni responds to the backlash.

Not too long after Toni tweeted the response, the backlash began rolling in. Some Twitter users accused Toni of being rude to her fan. And they also felt like she was insensitive for penning the response that she did.

However, Toni wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t intending to offend anyone. She also had no intention of being messy to a fan.

In response to the criticism that began to seep into her Twitter mentions, Toni wrote, “This blew up. Eek. I meant it with love. I don’t have a Soundcloud so stream Dance.”



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