GUHH Star Egypt Criss Responds After Someone Shades Sam’s New OnlyFans Account

Photo Credit: WE tv/YouTube

Egypt and Sam have moved on from GUHH.

When it comes to “Growing Up Hip Hop” couple Egypt Criss and Sam, people have always been very opinionated. Some viewers have been in full support mode. Others have been skeptical from the beginning. The skepticism and criticism have never really sat well with Sam or Egypt. It’s also one of the reasons they may have decided to leave the show.

In fact, when Egypt announced she was leaving, she mentioned that she didn’t like how she was being portrayed on the show. She also didn’t like the way things played out when it comes to her altercation with Briana Latrise.

So the couple is focusing on other things and opportunities outside of reality television.

Recently, Sam decided to start an OnlyFans account. He did so after he got some good feedback from some of his Instagram followers.

While some of his new subscribers are happy with the content already, some people have been coming for him on his latest Instagram posts.

Egypt claps back.

Sam has been promoting his OnlyFans account in photos, and an Instagram user decided to throw a jab his way about the size of his “manhood.” They told Sam that it looked small.

When Egypt spotted the comment, she decided to respond.

She wrote, “You gotta (pay) to see the good stuff sweetie obviously you still tryna see it so subscribe and prove yourself wrong but stop trying to get free handouts through negative commentary. Subscribe or keep it pushing its your lost if you choose not too, not mine”

When the person then said they aren’t interested in Sam and Egypt’s “lesbian entanglement,” Egypt clapped back.

She wrote, “Lmaoo then don’t with your naive lonely a*s”


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