LHHH Stars Masika Kalysha & Hazel-E Come to Blows While Filming Another Show

Photo Credit: VH1

Masika and Hazel had some nasty run-ins with each other on LHHH.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” fans know that Hazel-E and Masika Kalysha have been feuding for years. In fact, the former friends clashed quite a bit on the show. There were even times when they couldn’t even be around each other because things had gotten so messy between them. However, the pivotal moment of their feud came after Masika had a baby by Fetty Wap.

After Masika said Hazel was lying about having a song with Fetty on it, Hazel said that Masika was lying about Fetty being her daughter’s father.

This exchange actually happened on Twitter years ago. And it’s something that they haven’t been able to move past. So every now and then, they still throw jabs at each other on social media. Fans have noticed, too.

Hazel and Masika came to blows recently while filming a new show.

Although both women are no longer on LHHH, the animosity has not waned.

And it appears as if things between them just got worse. It’s probably safe to say that the feud may never end.

Hazel hopped on Instagram Live recently to give her fans a series of interesting updates. According to Hazel, moments before she got on Live, Masika threw a glass at her while they were at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

And it turns out that they were actually filming for a reality show that isn’t on Viacom.

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