Toni Braxton Gives an Update on the Upcoming Season of ‘Braxton Family Values’

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Toni tries to stay out of the family drama.

When it comes to “Braxton Family Values,” the family has had many ups and downs to play out on the small screen. Toni Braxton can attest to this easily. Oftentimes, she tries to stay out of the drama that occurs between her siblings. And she revealed that there are times when she gets so fed up that she wishes she could walk away. While the family sat down with Iyanla Vanzant, Toni actually said that she wouldn’t be friends with any of her sisters if they weren’t related. So it’s clear that Toni is tired of the drama.

On the latest season of the show, things got really contentious between Traci Braxton and Tamar Braxton. The sisters clashed when they attempted to do some shows together. There were also some things from the past that Traci still feels some type of way about. She’s still hurt that her getting pregnant caused her sisters to move on without her as they continued to navigate through the music industry.

At the height of a heated confrontation with Tamar, Traci said that Tamar makes it hard to love her.

Toni gave fans an update.

Now that Tamar has reportedly been released out of her contract, fans of the show may not see a resolution between Tamar and Traci play on the small screen. However, Toni recently revealed a couple of details about the upcoming season. She did so while she answered questions from fans on Twitter during a recent session of #AskToni.

When a fan asked Toni if another season of “Braxton Family Values” is on the way, Toni wrote, “yes! Getting a new season just on sabbatical for a little healing in the family but once that’s cleared we will finish out the season #asktoni”

And when another fan asked if the upcoming season will be the last one, Toni wrote, “Gotta watch & see! It will unfold in a way that makes everyone happy #asktoni”

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