Masika Kalysha Asks Ray J if He Regrets Hooking up with Hazel-E

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Hazel and Masika have been feuding for years.

Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E’s feud goes all the way back to the early days of “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood.” Although they got along at first, things didn’t last. And the messiness began. For both, some nasty jabs have been thrown on social media. So many fans of the show were confused when it was revealed they would be the next two to hash things out on Zeus Network’s “The Conversation.”

To no surprise, things didn’t go well between them.

In fact, the insults began early.

Hazelnwould touch on the fact that Masika was recently fired from a TV show after she faked being a victim of sex trafficking. This is despite the fact that Masika said she was doing it for a non-profit organization (the organization would later say they didn’t approve of the video).

Another issue people had with the situation was Masika also used the video to promote her OnlyFans account.

So she received a lot of backlash.

Things got messy early.

After Hazel hinted at the video controversy by saying she knows Masika had a rough week, Masika would then congratulate Hazel on her pregnancy and ask how far along she was.

The problem with this is Hazel wasn’t pregnant. She would then tell Masika that she has no place to come for anyone because she doesn’t have a job.

Eventually, things would go left after Hazel insinuated that she didn’t think Masika was a good role model for her daughter. Masika tried to attack Hazel at this point.

Interestingly enough, Masika had a lot more to say about Hazel before they came face to face. And a recent conversation she had with Ray J made him uncomfortable.

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