‘The Conversation’ Recap: Hazel-E & Masika Confront Each Other over Past Issues + Tempers Flare

The Conversation Masika & Hazel E | Part 1
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While in their makeup chairs, Hazel-E and Masika get shady.

Before sitting down together, Hazel-E and Masika both share their expectations. Hazel’s first meeting with her friend. She tells Hazel that “The Conversation” producers approached her about having a sit-down with Masika, who Hazel calls Lispy.

Hazel tells her friend that Masika was for the streets and she brought Masika to “Love and Hip Hop” producers to be on the show. As a result, Masika went behind her back and dated Yung Berg AKA Hitmaka and stole one her song’s beats. As a result, they fell out.

Meanwhile, Masika says this whole thing between her and Hazel-E started off as completely fabricated by Hazel. She also says it’s a lie that Hazel brought her to “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.” In fact, she accuses of Hazel creating a fake production company and tried to have other cast members to sign contracts. Masika thinks things became real when Hazel did things such as printed off fake arrest records, accusing Masika of pr*stitution.

Hazel did admit to coming for Masika’s mothering abilities and spreading the stories of Masika’s child being hospitalized for taking a pill of Xanax. She also says that she isn’t the one who came up with the rumor. Hazel just repeated it. She did it because Masika accused her of lying about having an accident in Dubai that fractured her nose.

Masika wants an apology.

Overall, Masika is furious that Hazel posted the story of her child and the Xanex pill as it caused child protective services to look into her case. She really wants an apology from Hazel-E about it. Hazel, on the other hand, wants to also confront Masika about the recent sex trafficking controversy.

Hazel’s friend calls Masika an evil a** b**** and they both accuse her of taking funding for the pandemic, using the money for temporary housing. Masika also addresses the recent controversy and says the CEO of the nonprofit organization attached to the situation recanted their statements and apologized.

Masika gets messy about Hazel-E’s new baby and her fiancé De’Von. She says she’s happy their baby got De’Von’s looks.

Later on, Ray J approaches Hazel-E to thank her for doing the show. He tells Hazel that she has full control and what happens, happens. There isn’t a storyline and they’re going to just let it flow and record it all, good, bad, and the ugly.

Next, Ray J approaches Masika to thank her. Masika calls what’s about to happen “target practice.” She also tells him that despite being in the news for negativity, there’s no such thing as negative publicity. Ray J is hopeful that this conversation could lead to non-relationship conversations to occur.

For Masika, she hopes her “momma bear” side doesn’t immediately jump out as she’s hopeful Hazel-E will apologize. She then gets messy asking does he regret sleeping with Hazel-E. Ray J side-steps the question.

Their conversation leads to shade and a drink thrown.

Eventually, Hazel-E makes it to the set wearing a skin-tight, leopard print dress, matching gloves, and black sandal heels. Masika comes out in a blond wig and Versace dress and black heels.

Hazel-E begins the conversation by asking why Masika keeps taking constant shots on social media. She also asks why she then slept with Berg. Masika doesn’t say anything as she sips her glass of champagne.

Eventually, Masika responds by taking a shot at Hazel’s body, claiming she didn’t know she was still pregnant. Hazel responds that Masika’s unemployed, referring to her removal from the UMC show “Double Cross” amid the controversy.

Hazel takes another shot asking if she’s going to sex traffic again. Masika responds with, “that’s what you did in Dubai.”

They both continue to take shots at each other and things escalate when Hazel sarcastically says Masika’s daughter has so much to look up to. Masika stands up, throws the glass at Hazel, and tries to get in her face. Security rushes over to quickly separate both women. She also calls Hazel a fat, nasty, sl*t. Hazel responds with, “You’re such a great wh**e,” and “go back and ask for tips on OnlyFans.”

Hazel-E then brings up Fetty Wap and how he can see anyone else but Masika. She then says if Masika runs over to her, she’ll beat her up and that riles Masika up even more. They then both take shots at each other’s plastic surgery.

The ladies are separated and Masika demands an apology.

Eventually, Masika’s taken out of the room and the two continue to trash one another. In her room, Masika apologizes for what she said about Hazel’s child and demands Hazel does the same. Masika then brings up how she went live with the organization’s president to squash their disagreements and Hazel failed to mention this. She gets ugly towards Hazel-E again saying she went out to Dubai to have sex for money and calls De’Von gay. Eventually, production and security take Hazel to her room as there’s broken glass on the set. Hazel’s friend also calls Masika a h**ker and corny for how she’s acting.

Hazel then cries out of anger and De’Von consoles her. Ray J then checks in on Hazel to see if she’s okay.

While getting touched up, Hazel and her friend continue to talk about Masika, calling her a pr*stitute. Meanwhile, production desperately cleans up the floor that was seemingly stained by the glass thrown.

After the set is cleaned, security walks Hazel and Masika back to the set to continue their conversation. But Masika doesn’t sit. Instead, Masika demands an apology and she is ready to run up if she doesn’t get it.

The episode ends on a cliff hanger.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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