Hazel-E Says Masika Kalysha Didn’t Press Charges After Being Assaulted on ‘The Conversation’

Photo Credit: Zeus Network/YouTube

Hazel and Masika’s feud continues.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E took their feud to “The Conversation.” And the Zeus Network production went left fast. After Hazel explained to Masika how she thinks things fell apart between them years ago, Masika wasn’t receptive. So she took a dig at Hazel’s weight. Of course, at the time, Hazel had just given birth a little over a month before filming. At this point, the tension worsened. And both women began to hurl insults back and forth.

Interestingly enough, things would really escalate after Hazel insinuated that Masika wasn’t being a good role model for her daughter. This outraged Masika and she threw a glass at Hazel. She accused Hazel of talking about her daughter. So she was ready to throw down.

Masika was assaulted while filming.

But it would Masika calling Hazel’s daughter a “b*stard” that would upset Hazel’s crew. And Hazel’s friend and hairstylist actually ran up on Masika. After the two women scrapped, Masika claimed her wig had been snatched off and she was punched in the face.

She also claimed that her earring was ripped out. As a result of all this, Masika called the police and the ambulance. And she planned to press charges on Hazel’s hairstylist.

Interestingly enough, Hazel gave an update on the situation.

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