Hazel-E Says Masika Kalysha Didn’t Press Charges After Being Assaulted on ‘The Conversation’

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Masika planned to press charges.

Thanks to “The Conversation,” the feud between Hazel-E and Masika Kalysha has only gotten worse. In fact, the two women weren’t even able to get to the root of their issues before the insults began to fly. Not too long after that, things actually got violent. After Masika threw a glass at Hazel, they were restrained by security. Eventually, Masika was taken away from the set to cool down.

But once she turned the corner, she was caught off guard by Hazel’s hairstylist and attacked.

Although Masika claimed she was able to defend herself just fine, she did also say she was punched in the face and her earring was ripped out. So she called the ambulance and the police. And on the show, she made it clear that she intended to press charges.

Masika didn’t move forward.

Interestingly enough, Hazel gave an update on the situation recently. And she said that Masika changed her mind after Hazel revealed she’d press charges too if Masika filed a police report. On the show, Hazel said that Masika throwing a glass at her was also assault.

While talking to Jason Lee via “Gagging with Jason Lee,” Hazel revealed that Masika didn’t press charges. Hazel said, “Masika ended up going to the hospital. My hairstylist, you know, being that we didn’t want her to go straight to jail, we felt like going to the hospital to, you know, buy us some time would work. And once Masika realized that if she was going to press charges on her, charges were also going to be brought against her and they both would go to jail, then she decided to drop the charges and then everybody just left the hospital you know, free birds.”

When Hazel was asked if she’ll be on the upcoming season of “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood,” Hazel said, “We actually were in talks about it before the pandemic hit.”

Hazel went on to say that the pandemic put everything on hold.

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