Traci Braxton’s Husband Reveals What She Needs from Toni Braxton to Start Healing Process

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David met up with Kevin.

When it comes to the sisters’ relationships on “Braxton Family Values,” it’s clear that it’s a lot of work to be done. And it’s going to take time for healing to occur. And as of now, the biggest fractured relationship is between Tamar Braxton and Traci Braxton. However, Traci’s overall issues with her sisters come from a situation that happened years ago.

On the recent episode of “Get Ya Life,” Tamar went back to Baltimore and the DC area to perform. David Adefeso went also to attend the show.

But before the performance happened, David secretly met with Traci’s husband Kevin Surrat. The two men decided they need to discuss Tamar and Traci’s strained relationship. And they needed to figure out how to help the two sisters fix it.

Kevin had plenty to say. He began by saying what Traci needs from Toni Braxton to begin her healing process.

He said, “I told Toni in Napa, I said, ‘Toni, it’s all Tra need is support, a phone call, say, I love you. I’m checking on you.’ Genuinely. That’s all she needs. But you got to stop fighting each other, man.”

Kevin explained the root of Traci’s hurt.

When David asked Kevin what happened between the sisters years ago that hurt Traci to the core, Kevin said, “They had a contract they was gonna sign. All they names was on the contract. All Traci had to do was just sign it. When she was told that she couldn’t sign, I saw her soul come out of her that day. All she ever wanted was just that support, ‘Go ahead, Traci. Sign it. We got your back. You ain’t got to abort the baby.'”

He added, “She chose our son, and it shouldn’t have been a choice. And it still disturbs her today and that’s why I do everything I can to protect her. Family is very important to her. Traci feels like they don’t believe in her. They don’t believe in her marriage. They don’t believe in her as a mother. All she ask for is just respect. And I know how much she needs her sisters, and they need each other. They have so much to offer this world, man. It’s unreal, man.”

After all of this was said, David told Kevin that if Traci and Tamar ever work things out, it will heal the entire family.

David invited Traci and Kevin to Tamar’s show, but they didn’t attend. And later on in the episode, Tamar said that she doesn’t talk to her family like that outside of filming “Braxton Family Values.” She invited them to come over for Thanksgiving, but everyone declined. So she feels like the outcast of the family.


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