Erica Mena Responds After She’s Called out for Not Wearing Wedding Ring Amid Speculation

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Some are suspecting Erica and Safaree could currently be on the rocks.

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels‘ love story has played out on “Love And Hip Hop New York.” The couple’s love affair appeared to happen fast to some of the other cast members. However, Erica revealed that Safaree had chased her for years. But she took a while to come around because she wasn’t sure Safaree was her type.

Now one year into their marriage, people are beginning to speculate that they may have hit a snag in their romance.

This comes months after the couple had their first child together and found a dream home. Plus, Erica has been defending Safaree amid a lot of criticism on the internet.

What got people talking was the fact that Safaree and Erica no longer follow each other on Instagram. Then another thing people noticed was the fact that Erica vented about Safaree saying she was “nagging” for being upset about a failed home renovation.

Erica responds after an Instagram user calls her out for not wearing her wedding ring in a recent photo.

With these developments, some people on social media are paying a lot of attention to what both are doing on Instagram. Recently, an Instagram user even pointed out that Erica wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. With this being the case, they are starting to believe there is truth to the speculation.

Interestingly enough, Erica responded to the comment.

She wrote, “Am I suppose to have my ring on all day in the house too?”

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