Ceaser’s Baby Momma Crystal Regrets Her Actions on ‘Black Ink Crew’

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Kitty is still dealing with her fallout with the New York crew.

When it comes to “Black Ink Crew,” Miss Kitty’s departure from the group has been a hot topic on social media. While some viewers believe there is some truth to the rumors about her and Ryan, others aren’t buying it. And they feel as if Kitty was badly mistreated by her former friends. Plus, they don’t think it was fair that she was fired from the shop.

Although the show is currently in hiatus mode and not currently airing new episodes on TV, Kitty gave fans an update. And she claimed that she’s still not good with most of the people in New York. Kitty also alleged that Ceaser’s associates have been threatening and harassing her since she left.

This is despite the fact that Cease is in a serious relationship with a realtor named Suzette.

Crystal talks about regretting her actions on the show.

While it’s unclear if Cease now has any regrets about firing Kitty, his baby momma Crystal does have some regrets about her own actions on the show.

She opened up about this on Instagram.

It all started after someone came on one of her posts to be critical. After one of her followers stepped in to defend Crystal, she thanked them and discussed the show. Crystal wrote, “thank u so much!! You know with the many who show love. There’s always depressed individuals who hate to see it. And will go out on a limb to try and get on a low frequency as them. Sad that US as a ppl can’t get pass things like this and lift each other up. I know for one what I was portraying on a TV show is far from who I am and I regret it. Never a bully. But don’t take sh*t from bullies either. But thanks for u showing me love ❤️ ”

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