RHOA Tea: More Details Released About Cynthia Bailey’s Messy Bachelorette Party

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NeNe’s departure has been a hot topic.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” has been in the headlines for weeks now due to NeNe Leakes’ future on the show. The ladies have been filming season 13. And NeNe’s return on the show was in question. However, she would later confirm that she’s not coming back. Now that she’s publicly accused Andy Cohen of being racist, it’s possible she may never be on RHOA again. However, NeNe told her Twitter followers that she has multiple streams of income. So she and the rest of the Leakes will be just fine without Bravo.

This hasn’t stopped her most loyal fans from boycotting the network though.

Despite NeNe’s exit, the rest of the cast is seemingly working hard to make sure the upcoming season won’t be a bore.

In fact, the latest report is a wild one.

A bachelorette party will be a major storyline.

Cynthia Bailey is getting ready to marry Mike Hill. So she and the rest of the ladies went to Charleston, South Carolina for her bachelorette party. Of course, this was filmed for the show, too.

According to Page Six, Cynthia had about 10 guests. And the publication is alleging that some of the women had girl on girl hookups in the living room. The publication also claims a source said that “oral pleasuring” happened as well. This apparently happened after some of the women got “so drunk.”

It’s what allegedly happened afterward that may be one of the main scandals of season 13.

According to the publication, two of the cast members decided to keep partying after the others went to bed. And it’s alleged that they went inside a private bedroom with a male dancer. The dancer had been hired to entertain the women at the party.

Cast members hooked up with the dancer?

A source tells Page Six that after the two cast members allegedly went into the private room with the dancer, it later sounded like people were having s*x in the room.

This allegedly went on for about an hour. Page Six also reported that Cynthia was not involved.

Reportedly, the rest of the cast would later confront the two ladies who were involved the next day. And one of them allegedly got upset because they didn’t want to talk about it.

While the publication would only say Cynthia wasn’t part of the scandal, the two cast members who were have not been named.

Interestingly enough, some of the women have taken to social media to make it clear that they had nothing to do with the hookup that went down in the private bedroom.

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