‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Takes Shots at Ryan Amid the Latest Accusations?

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Cease and Ryan fell out over Kitty.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser isn’t on the best terms with Ryan these days. In fact, the two men began to have tension due to rumors. While Sky was still on the show, she revealed she read Miss Kitty hooked up with Ryan. Although Kitty would deny the rumors, her former friends would not. Tati, Donna, and Young Bae claimed that Kitty actually confirmed the hookup to them. So they couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t tell Cease the truth.

Things got messy from there. Kitty felt like her friends abandoned her, and she came to blows with Tati. She would later get threatened by Donna on social media. And she nearly came to blows with Bae as well. Bae even accused Kitty of talking about her son in retaliation, something Kitty denied profusely.

As far as Cease is concerned, he fired Kitty. And he’s also done with Ryan as well. And to get even, he’s setting his sights on opening up a shop in Chicago, Ryan’s hometown.

Ryan has been accused of some pretty messy things.

As if the drama with Cease hasn’t been enough, Ryan is now back in the headlines for something else. A man who claims to be his best friend recently made some messy accusations. And he accused Ryan of sleeping with his baby momma. He called Ryan out on social media, too.

After “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Van seemingly threw some shade, now Cease is throwing jabs.

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