‘Basketball Wives’ Star Cece Gutierrez Makes Sad Revelation About Relationship with Byron Scott

Photo Credit: VH1

Cece and Kristen’s fallout was a hot topic on social media.

Basketball Wives” viewers know that the recent season was a very controversial one. In addition to the feuds that took place between the women, there were also polarizing issues that took place between family members. In fact, everything kicked off after OG made an interesting revelation. While arguing with Kristen Scott, OG said that Thomas Scott is not Byron Scott’s biological son.

Kristen lost it. And she broke down in tears. She later learned that OG first heard this from Cece Gutierrez. At this point, the anger kicked in.

In fact, Kristen felt like Cece told OG this to be spiteful. But Cece denied this. And OG went on to tell the other women that Byron had no issue sharing this. Byron himself would later tell Malaysia Pargo that he didn’t see the big deal about people knowing he isn’t Thomas’ biological father. For him, it changes nothing. Thomas is still very much his son.

Byron wasn’t able to move past the accusations made by Kristen.

After this revelation was made, things only worsened between Kristen and Cece. The group noticed and attempted to get the women to hash things out to no avail. And Cece even said that Kristen is the reason why Byron’s kids don’t like her.

Byron has his own issues with Kristen. He wasn’t able to move past the fact that she accused him of not seeing his grandaughter enough. As a result of this, he didn’t want to invite Kristen to their wedding. So the situation has been very stressful for Cece.

Interestingly enough, Cece revealed that she and Byron had other painful moments in their relationship.

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