‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Dutchess Claps Back at People Who Keep Coming for Her Lips

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“Black Ink Crew” star Dutchess may no longer be on the show, but she still deals with criticism on social media. And recently, she decided to talk about self-love with her Instagram followers. She wanted to make it clear why it’s so important that people learn how to love themselves.

While speaking about self-love on Instagram, Dutchess said, “I wanna give y’all a little motivation. When I say self-love is the greatest love, I don’t mean to try to be like eh…no. I’m trying to encourage you and empower you to know that if I can love myself, you can love yourself. Through all the sh*t I’ve been through, through all the sh*t I put myself through, my family through, my friends through, people that love me, people who hated me, whatever the f*ck…I’m still worthy of all that I dream of.”

Dutchess continued, “And this is why I will always love myself probably more than anybody on this planet could. And I suggest and advise you do the same cause when you love you like that, people that wanna love you know that they can’t love you at their level of comfort. They have to elevate to your level of expectations because you know what you deserve. You know what you’re worthy of. And don’t settle for nothing less than, okay?” She added, “Cause if nobody else can do it for you, you could do it for you.”

Dutchess clapped back.

After the positive words of encouragement, Dutchess then shifted her focus to her critics. And she wanted to address those who keep coming for her lips.

She said, “There’s one more thing I gotta address. Y’all, you see my lips? They’re not chapped. But they naturally have lines in them to look like they’re chapped. I actually have a tattoo inside my lip that made it worse. So stop coming for my motherf*cking lips. Cause it don’t bother a n*gga cause they really don’t be chapped. They just look chapped to y’all bum a*s n*ggas. Like some of y’all tattoos look like some crackheads did them to me. We just have a difference of opinion. Okay?”

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