Dr. Heavenly Kimes Goes in on Martell Holt

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Martell accused Melody of cheating on him.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt is finally speaking out after Melody Holt made some messy accusations. He addressed the rumor of him having a baby on the way during an interview with Dr. Heavenly Kimes.

When it comes to cheating, he claims that Melody allegedly cheated on him before they did the show. So he doesn’t feel she has clean hands to keep discussing his cheating.

And it seems as if he blames her for him cheating on her. He said, “But I’ll say to all women, take care of your man from the beginning. You know? If you know he has certain needs, take care of your man. Especially if your man is helping out at the house, taking care of the kids…I mean not just taking care of the kids, really the dominant parent. I’ve been the dominant parent when it came to my household. Always have been, I still am right now even going through this divorce, I still am.”

He added,  “If that’s sexual, umm I don’t give a d*mn, even if it’s h*ad. I’m committed to you, you’re mine. I’m yours.”

Martell discussed Arionne.

Martell stated that he’s been dealing with Arionne Curry for five years. And even though he would cut her off at times, he always went back because he didn’t like the way Melody would speak to him.

He said, “I know this is very wrong, but I say, ‘Melody, you see how you’re talking to me? You see how you’re doing? See, that’s why I cheated on you right there.’”

Martell wouldn’t confirm or deny that Arionne is pregnant. But he did say they aren’t together as of now.

He alleged that Arionne has been pregnant by him before but terminated the pregnancies. He then alleged that Melody has also terminated two pregnancies. So he wonders if those were his babies.

Martell also accused Melody of starting a romantic relationship with an attorney they used to work with while they were still together. That attorney allegedly sent him Melody’s divorce papers.

He admits he did send Melody an email asking her to forgive him recently. But they don’t need to get back together now but maybe they can a few years from now.

Martell seemingly defends cheating.

At this point, Heavenly told Martell that it seems as if Martell thinks he had a good excuse to cheat.

In response to this, Martell said, “And then when it comes to me cheating, seems like it’s the right thing or it’s cool for me to do such a thing, only thing I’ma say is women, women, take care of your f*cking man. Take care of your man like you don’t know what his reaction is going to be. It’s not up to you to know what your man’s reaction is going to be to you not doing what you should do as the wife or as the girlfriend. Take care of them!”

Heavenly then said, “It don’t have anything to do with the woman. A man cheats because he wants to cheat no matter…”

Martell disagreed, “No no, h*ll no! That’s not true that sh*t ain’t true because I’ve never been a cheater.” He goes on to say that he never cheated until Melody started to deny him sex.

Heavenly holds on to her previous stance, “That’s not an excuse to cheat, brother. It’s just not.”

Heavenly calls Martell out.

She then tells Martell she could never submit to a man like him, “I feel like I submit to my husband because he’s worth it. I would not submit to a man like you, I would just not. That’s just me and I’m not asking you to. I’m just saying a woman of my stature would not never because you have this arrogance that you’re better than because I didn’t do something for you. Now you’re supposed to figure out what I need as a woman and why I’m not giving you sex, why I’m not doing these things for you because there is a reason. Trust me it is and it might be because you’ve cheated for four, five years.”

Martell says this wasn’t the case and he wasn’t cheating at the time.

Heavenly says that regardless of any of that, it was Martell’s job to figure out why Melody didn’t want to have sex and work out their issues. Cheating was not what needed to be done.

The gloves come off.

She then takes the gloves off and said, “You’re a likable guy, but you ain’t the dude…I would never let my daughter date somebody like you. Just saying, Is that bad to say?”

Heavenly continued, “You’re probably a really cool guy, but I would never allow any of the women I love to date somebody like you cause you…you a great guy but you so f*cking arrogant. My God, and you don’t even think right. The sh*t that you do, you don’t even see…you can tell by your expression you don’t think you’re wrong.”

She goes on to say that a weak woman is better suited for Martell, “So there’s definitely a woman out there that will accept that, you know what I mean? A weak a*s woman.”

Martell got a little shady, too. He said, “Yeah, Dr. Heavenly cause I look at you and think I can’t tolerate your d*mn mouth but your husband loves your mouth though, you know? Cause I’m like I wouldn’t want my dad to date your a*s cause of your mouth.”

Heavenly then said, “That’s wonderful. But I bet you one thing my mouth is subservient to a man and he deserves that for me to submit to him. I would never allow myself to submit to somebody like you.” She continued, “And that’s why I keep me a d*mn job so I don’t have to deal with a n*gga like you.”

You can check out the video below.

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