RHOP Recap: Karen Presses Gizelle About Jamal + Ashley Prepares for Problems with Candiace

rhop season 5 episode 15
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Monique gets clarity.

As the ladies prepare for the cast trip to Portugal, Candiace is still very upset that Monique has filed counter-charges. As the drama thickens, Candice’s friend tells her that she deserves to buy herself some new luggage after everything that has happened.

Karen catches up with Monique at a restaurant. Monique tells Karen that Ashley said that Karen pushed Candiace to press charges. But Karen says she didn’t actually push Candiace, she just said what she would have done because she isn’t a fighter. She also tells Monique that Candiace is upset with her because she won’t choose her side. Karen wants to remain neutral but that’s only pushing Candiace away.

Monique warns Karen that things could go really left with Candice when she starts to question Karen’s loyalty.

As Candiace and Monique’s legal battle drags on, Ashley is pulled in.

Ashley and Michael talk as she packs for the trip. They discuss Monique not being able to go to Portugal. It’s revealed that Ashley was asked by Monique to write a statement in Monique’s defense. Apparently, Ashley wrote a statement about the knife incident with Candiace. This will hurt Candiace’s case against Monique. Ashley says she said yes because Monique and Chris had her and Michael’s backs through their ups and downs. It’s also revealed that Ashley had already told Monique prior about her and Michael sleeping with other people together even though Monique pretended she didn’t know this already in front of the group.

Wendy and Karen have more tension.

When they make it to Portugal, they got out to dinner. Wendy tells Karen and the others that her father worked at Wendy’s after he made it to America. He was promoted to manager and decided to name Wendy after the restaurant. So she is the embodiment of the American Dream. And this is why she needs Karen to take her four degrees seriously. Karen says there’s no need for them to discuss the four degrees situation again, and Wendy says she agrees because she “put a button on it.” Wendy also says, “it’s been fastened.”

Gizelle asks Ashley how she’s doing with Michael. Ashley says she’s doing good and she’s 100% back in her marriage. They’ve been intimate, too. Robyn says that Michael still needs to step up and help Ashley more as a new mother.

Gizelle gets defensive.

After Gizelle asks Karen if she talked to Ray yet, Karen says she has. She then asks Gizelle if she’s spoken to Jamal. After Gizelle says she has, Karen then says it’s concerning to her that Jamal never shows up to events. And a man is around his woman when he’s proud of her.

Gizelle gets irritated and says Karen shouldn’t care because Jamal isn’t having sex with her.

Robyn interjects and says that all the other women in the group bring their men around. So it doesn’t seem fair that Gizelle doesn’t.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says Robyn should have had her back when Karen was coming for her.

Ashley panics.

When they get back to the hotel, Ashley calls Michael so she can see Dean through FaceTime. However, Michael doesn’t answer the phone. And this upsets Ashley. Her friend says she’s watching Dean and Michael isn’t at the house yet.

So Ashley finally gets in touch with Michael and he tells Ashley that he’s on the way home to put Dean to bed. Ashley calls Michael out for being late because Dean is fussy and ready for bed. Michael hangs up the phone after he says he doesn’t like being “molested like this.”

Ashley then breaks down in tears and says she wants to go home.

Robyn stands firm.

When Gizelle and Robyn talk, Gizelle asks Robyn why she took Karen’s side. But Robyn stands firm and once again expresses that Jamal should come around more if things are really serious. As for Karen, Gizelle says she knows that Karen doesn’t really care about Jamal. She was just trying to get under Gizelle’s skin.

Ashley and Karen catch up in Ashley’s suite. Gizelle’s the subject of the conversation at first. Karen has no regrets about pressing Gizelle about Jamal. In fact, she says it’s deserved since Gizelle has been critical of everyone else’s relationship. In a green screen interview, Ashley says she gets it because Gizelle has been coming for Karen for years. Producers then flashback to scene of Gizelle doing just that.

Michael is then discussed. Ashley tells Karen about the argument they had recently over Dean. While Ashley was upset Michael would be messing up Dean’s sleep schedule by coming home late, Karen says it could also be that Ashley struggles to fully trust Michael after he was at the hotel with another woman. Regardless, Ashley reveals that Michael did call her back that same night and apologized. He understood that Ashley’s a first-time mother and she’s just missing Dean.

Gizelle and Karen clash, again.

After the women have another day out in Portugal, they stop for a bite to eat. Wendy decides to call out Karen again about her “four degrees.” She says her father passed away when she wrote her dissertation. And she earned all of her degrees. Karen says it wasn’t her intention to offend. In a green screen interview, Karen says she doesn’t want to discuss this topic again.

Gizelle and Karen once again argue over Jamal. After Karen says no one in the group has actually seen Jamal, Gizelle then FaceTimes Jamal on her phone. Karen says she’s not impressed and Jamal just lives in Gizelle’s phone. The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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