‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Has Some Words for Teddy’s Critics

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Ceaser’s cousin Teddy has been caught up in lots of drama on “Black Ink Crew.”

Black Ink Crew” fans have always been critical of Ceaser’s cousin Teddy. This is due to the fact that Teddy isn’t actually a tattoo artist. In fact, he spends most of his time just being a support system to Cease. And at times, he does so and causes drama at the shop. This is exactly what happened after Cease involved himself in Cease’s beef with Alex. At the time, Cease wasn’t in a good place with Donna. So he took his frustrations out on Alex. And it led to Cease and Teddy jumping Alex.

Alex would later say that his back was injured during the altercation. So he was contemplating suing for damages. Luckily for Cease, he was able to hash things out with Donna and Alex. And they are in a much better place these days. He even apologized to Alex for getting violent. As for Teddy, he felt he needed to involve himself in the situation. And he’s always going to have Cease’s back, even if he’s wrong.

Teddy is known for sitting on the couch and not actually working.

Teddy also gets caught up in drama on the show because of his relationship choices. While he’s supposed to be helping Cease expand his range of tattoo shops, he sometimes dates Cease’s employees instead. So when things don’t work out as they usually don’t, it creates a lot of problems.

Regardless, Cease won’t fire Teddy. And recently, he made it clear that he’s not here for people looking at him as the shop’s couch potato.

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