‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Donna & Alex Explain Why Their Engagement is on Hiatus

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Alex and Donna bonded over backlash.

Black Ink Crew” couple Donna and Alex have been through a lot. It was actually controversy that brought them together. After things got rocky with Donna’s boyfriend at the time, Moe, she had a freaky moment in a public bathroom with Alex. To no surprise, it didn’t take the video long to go viral on social media.

While Donna expected Alex to judge her harshly for the moment, he actually didn’t. And he said it would be hypocritical for him to judge Donna considering his nickname is the V*gina Slayer.

Alex had no plans on being critical of Donna’s past either. In fact, he told her he had strong feelings for her.

After Alex publicly apologized to Donna, the speculation began.

So they started dating. They also did not allow the public backlash to interfere with their romance. Donna has had Alex’s back at some of his lowest moments, including the time Ceaser and Teddy jumped him. And outside of Tati briefly becoming a side chick for Donna, the couple ended the recent season in a good place.

Alex actually proposed to Donna. However, they got attention after Alex apologized to Donna on social media for something private he did prior. While neither would share just what Alex did to offend Donna, they did recently explain why their engagement is “on hiatus.”

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