‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Don Regrets Disrespecting Charmaine And Ashley

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Don and Charmaine clashed a lot on “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Black Ink Crew Chicago” star Don has had a lot of drama when it comes to his love life. In fact, on the first season of the show, things got messy between him and Charmaine. According to Charmaine, she had no idea Don was actually in a relationship with Ashley when they hooked up. In fact, she claimed that Don told her he was single. And he wasn’t in a relationship with Ashley because she was crazy.

After Ashley caught Charmaine dancing on Don in 9Mag, she went off. And Charmaine would later tell Ashley that she slept with Don but she had no idea he was with Ashley.

Ashley then put her hands on Charmaine, and she went off on Don.

These days Don regrets his past actions on the show.

Things only worsened when Charmaine, Don, and Ashley ended up on the same boat together. Ashley once again asked Charmaine if she slept with Don and Don went off. As Charmaine attempted to put the whole truth out on the table, Don got angry with her. In his opinion, she caused things to go left. So he felt nothing but rage towards Charmaine during the confrontation.

Interestingly enough, Don recently addressed this situation. During an interview with Charmaine, Don apologized.

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