OG Believes Overwhelming Fan Support Kept Her from Being Pushed off ‘Basketball Wives’

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OG had a lot of drama on the recent season of “Basketball Wives.”

Basketball Wives” has been a controversial show since season one. However, the most recent season may have been one of the most controversial yet. And OG became a huge topic on social media. One of the first things people couldn’t stop talking about was the fact that OG revealed Byron Scott is not Thomas Scott’s biological father. She did so while she was in the middle of an argument with Kristen Scott. After Kristen came for OG’s boo Kwame Alexander, OG decided to get even by telling the group and viewers that Thomas was actually adopted by Byron. This devastated Kristen and a lot of the other women told OG she crossed the line.

Then OG got into a nasty feud with Evelyn Lozada. They were already in a rocky place after Evelyn made fun of OG’s toes. She even nicknamed OG “Toe-G.” So after Feby Torres told Evelyn that OG was bragging about being friends with Chad Johnson on Twitter, Evelyn wanted to get revenge.

She reached out to Chad to get “receipts” that were supposed to show that OG was not Chad’s friend, but a “groupie” who tried to pursue him. However, OG came with her own receipts that showed Chad was actually the one who pursued her romantically.

OG accused other cast members of colorism.

By the time the reunion rolled around, a lot of the women refused to film with OG. And they said OG was too aggressive and they were afraid she would get violent.

OG said this was colorism. Although Shaunie O’Neal and the others disagreed, a lot of the viewers didn’t. Recently, OG agreed that the support of the viewers is the only reason why what seemed as an attempt to ice her out failed.

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