OG Believes Overwhelming Fan Support Kept Her from Being Pushed off ‘Basketball Wives’

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OG said she was treated unfairly by other “Basketball Wives” stars.

OG received a lot of support from “Basketball Wives” fans after the recent season. Although the show has been known for past violent moments that involve multiple castmembers, OG was accused of being too aggressive and violent. In fact, Shaunie O’Neal said that OG pushed her when she attempted to prevent an altercation between OG and Feby Torres. When it was time to film the reunion, multiple cast members said they weren’t comfortable filming with OG anymore.

OG wasn’t even allowed to sit on the stage with the others.

When she was asked how she felt about this, she said she believed she was treated differently because she’s dark-skinned.

And when it comes to violence, she hasn’t actually gotten violent with anyone on the show. So there was no reason she wasn’t allowed to film with the other women.

The overwhelming support from “Basketball Wives” viewers may have kept OG on the show.

This immediately resulted in a lot of backlash. Many of the viewers agreed with OG and they called out the other women on social media. The backlash was so thick that Shaunie had to address the situation in a special for the show. And many accused Shaunie and the others of trying to push OG off the show.

However, OG was not fired. And some suspect the overwhelming support she received on social media is why she was not iced out.

OG seems to agree.

Recently, a Twitter user discussed the situation. And they said that OG was “coded aggressive” as a way to make the colorism less obvious. But when OG said she was the victim of colorism by the others on the show, most of the cast didn’t support her. And the icing out didn’t stop until many people supported OG on social media.

Check out the tweet here.

In response to this, OG wrote, “I find this to be accurate..I thoroughly appreciate the support..❤️ ✊? ❤️ ”


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