Jamal Bryant Responds to Gizelle Bryant’s Father + His Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out

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Jamal Bryant was a hot topic at the reunion.

People are still talking about part one of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion. On the episode, things got rough for Gizelle Bryant. Karen Huger applied pressure, but it’s Monique Samuels who left Andy Cohen speechless. Monique pulled out her binder and read aloud a text message exchange Jamal had with a female pastor. Allegedly, in one of the texts, Jamal said that his reconciliation with Gizelle was just for TV. so Monique went on to call Gizelle a fraud and she even called Jamal “Pastor Holy Wh*re.” She also said that after Gizelle has entertained different men since the show’s inception, she surely hoped Jamal would at least show up at the reunion.

To make matters worse, Karen then asked Gizelle if Jamal was coming. And Gizelle said no.

Although Jamal seemingly said he was too unbothered to respond, he apparently changed his mind hours ago. And it was a pretty messy Facebook Live video that been making rounds on social media.

He had a lot to say, too.

After Gizelle Bryant’s father slams Jamal, he responds.

Jamal addressed Gizelle’s father Curtis Graves dragging him on the show, “It was disparaging remarks made by my father in law, Mr. Curtis Graves, who is 83 years of age. He’s 83 years of age and unlike many, I was raised old school. And you never disrespect elders. I honor him. He’s an amazing man that’s had incredible accomplishments. And he has every right to feel protective over his daughter.”

He addresses his ex-girlfriend.

When it comes to the text messages and ex-girlfriend who contacted Monique, Jamal said, “There’s some clarity that needs to happen. I’m not married, I’m not engaged. Some of you have a strong relationship with language. You can’t have a mistress while you’re single. So I never had a mistress. Of consequence, she has never been to visit me in Atlanta. Never been to New Birth, never been in my home. I’ve never been in her home.”

Jamal went on to say that he has some text messages he can show as well. And he said nothing “immoral” happened between them. And that things “did not work out” between them.

Chris Samuels wasn’t spared.

Jamal said, “On Sunday, for the first time in five years, I’m inviting my audience to watch the reunion, Housewives of Potomac, where you’ll see Monique’s husband try to attack my wife, my ex-wife, and Robyn. And security had to be called and he had to be subdued. I am very concerned. Monique, you all have my phone number as you expressed on the show but I had you all’s address. And because of grace, I didn’t respond to that.”

He continued, “Chris, you’ve got to take care of CTE.”

Jamal then said that Chris’ teammates reached out to him, “Some of your former teammates contacted me. They’re concerned. They said Jamal, please, don’t respond because CTE is a progressive, degenerative, disease from a history of trauma to the brain.”

The pastor made another accusation, “And so just last week, you had an outbreak, again, of verbally assaulting a black woman in Safeway. We have the footage of that.” He continued, “I’ve tracked down your pastor so that all I’m saying is in love so that your pastor can get the help that is needed. And that is necessary.”

Check out the clips below.

After Jamal Bryant’s video went viral, his ex-girlfriend had some things to say, too.

Of course from here, things only got messier. The ex-girlfriend, who had been in contact with Monique had some things to say to Larry Reid.

To no surprise, she addressed Jamal saying nothing immoral happened between them. She said, “I think he should define what he meant when he said nothing immoral or unethical…and then so again, so based on how he responds to that, that’s from Jamal’s purview. And I don’t think that you spend time with someone for eight years and how he would try to sum up that this was not…there definitely had to be something…you just don’t deal with someone for eight years and there’s nothing at all.

She added, “We can pull phone records. The response I was responding to was what was stated by Gizelle that was Jamal and she had been in a relationship for two years. The text that you received that came from Jamal was in August of 2019 that stated this was for reality TV. So again, I think the question to put all of this to rest is did he send the text stating that this was for reality TV or not. It’s a simple yes or no.”

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