‘Married to Medicine LA’ is Canceled

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Mariah Huq’s exit from “Married to Medicine” has been controversial.

“Married to Medicine” is set to return next Spring. After the previous season wrapped up, it was clear it was still a major division within the cast. Over the years, Mariah Huq and Quad Webb’s fallout only got worse. It got to the point that Mariah accused Quad of sleeping with her former brother in law. And Quad accused Mariah of being on drugs.

Mariah has now been pushed off the show. And she said in an interview with the Jasmine Brand that she feels the accusations were used to remove her from the show she created. Mariah also accused producers of telling her that she couldn’t wear a hijab during her green screen interviews.

On top of that, Mariah also voiced complaints about the spinoffs. She alleged that she has never been allowed to be involved with the spinoffs. The Houston show was eventually canceled. But “Married to Medicine LA” is now two seasons in.

The latest season of “Married to Medicine LA” struggled.

However, season two of “Married to Medicine LA” didn’t have the best ratings. Some wondered if this had to do with the fact that the show didn’t have a strong lead-in. Before the pandemic, Bravo planned to air “Married to Medicine LA” after new episodes of “Real Housewives of Potomac.” However, it’s possible that the network had to change course to make sure the programming schedule would hold up since shows like “Married to Medicine” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” were pushed back from filming.

Another issue is that at times fans would keep comparing the LA cast to the Atlanta one.

Dr. Imani Walker addressed this during an interview with Funky Dineva. She revealed that she and the other ladies on the LA show couldn’t act like the women on the Atlanta show.

She said, “The difference between the Atlanta doctors and the LA doctors is that from what I understand, the Atlanta doctors have their own private practices. Right? I don’t. So, I used to but that’s just not the model that works the best for me. I work for a hospital so I have to be a little bit more cognizant of how I react to things, what I say, would real Imani, like me right now do this? Or, no, Imani you cannot throw a glass at her, okay, just because you’re mad. You can’t throw that. Not that I would plus I’m on Prozac now and I’m a lot better.”

“Married to Medicine LA” has been canceled.

Interestingly enough, it was rumored weeks ago that Bravo was considering canceling “Married to Medicine LA.” Screen Rant reported this.

Hours ago, Lia Dias actually confirmed that the plug was pulled. She did so while discussing how unfair she thinks it is that “Don’t Be Tardy” wasn’t canceled.

In an Instagram comment, Lia wrote, “I am a hater I guess ?  But how does this show get renewed but M2MLA and Southern Charm NO with similar ratings get the plug pulled?!? Make it make sense??”

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