Traci Braxton & Evelyn Braxton Have an Honest Conversation

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Traci Braxton has had some issues with her family.

The current season of “Braxton Family Values” has been an emotional one for Traci Braxton. She hasn’t been in the best place with Tamar Braxton and Towanda Braxton after events from the previous season. While things may have worsened with Tamar at Trina Braxton’s wedding, it’s possible that things could improve with Towanda. However, Traci also expressed that she has some issues with Evelyn Braxton as well. And she said that she feels Evelyn treats her differently than her sisters.

These are some of the reasons why Traci sometimes feels like an outcast. Earlier in the season, Traci said that she is oftentimes treated like the “sister cousin.” She wants things to change. And she also says that she wants to be respected. And if she can’t get this, she will have no choice but to distance herself. So she is hoping that her family will hear her out.

On the season finale of “Braxton Family Values,” Traci has an honest conversation with Evelyn. She reveals that being a grandmother has changed her. Traci says, “I’m on a different path, I’m on a different road now.” Traci continues, “I’m a grandmother now. I want to know how that’s supposed to be because mommy I’m a different person than my sisters now. And it’s like inside I’m screaming like I am not my sisters. I am not a part of that no more.”

Despite feeling a change, Traci still wants a connection with her sisters. She says, “I want that connection. But it just feels distant. I want things different, I just want to be valued.”

After Traci Braxton speaks her mind, Evelyn Braxton comforts her.

Evelyn tells Traci that she is valued.

She goes on to say, “Words cannot express how proud of you I am. When you guys were growing up, it was six of you. Being a parent, you’re trying to fulfill each one’s need. And sometimes you just miss the boat. You do because you’re not perfect. You’re just human.” She adds, “If I could have been a grandmother first, I’d have been a perfect mother. I kind of had wisdom on how on how to do it and how not to do it.”

Evelyn also says that Traci being a grandmother has made her grow, “I told you it’s a reason for that grandbaby. That grandbaby matured you.”

As the conversation continues to be emotional, Evelyn says this before she hugs Traci, “I wanna tell you this. I’m so grateful, I’m so happy to be your mother. I know you would never do or say anything intentionally to hurt me. Why? Because I know you love me. And I feel the same. I always loved you and I always will. Look at God.”

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