A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson Are Back Together?

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Things have been messy between Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley.

Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” stars A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson have been through a lot. Their marriage has been through many ups and downs. And of course, most of these situations have played out on the show. For Lyrica, her biggest issue with A1 has been infidelity. It’s happened multiple times. And over the years, she struggled to trust him.

As for A1, he has accused Lyrica of being unfaithful, too.

Another one of their issues is their mothers. The two women just don’t get along. So this has only added to the tension between Lyrica and A1. After Lyrica expressed that she wanted to move on from the marriage on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood,” it seemed as if she would be filing for a divorce.

Things only worsened while they filmed “The Conversation.”

Then A1 and Lyrica agreed to hash things out on “The Conversation.”

Lyrica was pretty much over the marriage by the beginning of the sit-down. And she said that A1 had put her through so much that she wasn’t really feeling like things would ever get better. Although A1 expressed that he still wanted to be married and make things work, his behavior while filming wasn’t convincing to Lyrica. So they argued a lot and they didn’t make much progress in an attempt to discuss where things went wrong.

Things would only get worse when their mothers began to film. There was a lot of arguing. And both women took up for their children. A1’s mom Pam Bentley placed blame on Lyrica for the demise of the marriage. And Lyrica’s mother Lyrica Garrett blamed A1 for their issues.

At one point, the ladies nearly came to blows. And Lyrica had some words with Pam. Pam also threatened to throw a rock at Lyrica. As things continued to spiral out of control, Lyrica reached her breaking point.

She told Pam that she is the reason why her marriage won’t ever work. And she believes Pam’s behavior is way out of control, so the marriage is no longer a situation she wanted to be involved in.

By the end of “The Conversation,” it seemed pretty clear that Lyrica had made her mind up about pulling the plug on the marriage.

A1 Bentley and Lyrica Anderson are back together?

Interestingly enough, A1 also known as SprngBrk, made an interesting revelation hours ago on Instagram. While wishing Lyrica a happy birthday, he seemingly confirmed they got back together.

He wrote, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE lyricaanderson even tho we have been thru our ups & downs, Theres no one I rather Spend forever With other Than You.. I am NOTHING Without You.. Thank you for making me better Thank you for bringing our Amazing Son into the World. Thank you for Not letting up on this Thing Called LOVE. even tho u block me every other Day when you get mad. I STILL LOVE YOU ❤️ enjoy your Day .. Ya’ll go run up @lyricaAnderson comments with B Day wishes & PURCHASE HER NEW SKINCARE PRODUCTS from the Link on her Bio.”

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