Porsha Williams Responds After Kenya Moore Criticizes Her Activism on RHOA

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Kenya Moore has been critical of Porsha Williams’ activism.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has been active in the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, she was arrested twice while attending protests. She’s been very vocal about wanting justice for Breonna Taylor. And while Porsha has received a lot of support for her social justice, there has been some criticism. In fact, some of Porsha’s critics have accused her of using activism as a storyline for “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

And they found it hard to believe that Porsha can go from not understanding the history of the Underground Railroad, to being so active when it comes to seeking justice for Breonna Taylor and her loved ones.

Interestingly enough, Kenya Moore has also questioned Porsha’s activism.

Months ago, she made this clear on Instagram. A fan of the show accused Porsha of protesting for a storyline and said there’s no way she could have evolved from being misinformed about the Underground Railroad. In response to this comment, Kenya replied with eyeballs emoji.

This didn’t sit well with Porsha at all. So she responded to Kenya.

And she called Kenya out for bringing attention to the negative comment. Porsha also said that Kenya should be in support of another black woman trying to make a difference and fight for justice. She stated that Kenya should spend more time bringing attention to positive things on social media.

In response, Kenya said that she follows “REAL leaders not storylines.” She also said that Porsha needs to be real on and off the show. And the way she behaved at the reunion was the real Porsha.

Kenya also expressed that she feels Porsha turned on her as she has shown Porsha and PJ nothing but support. So Porsha calling her out on Instagram is just an instance of someone trying to have a “fake beef.”

Porsha Williams isn’t feeling Kenya Moore’s comments on the upcoming episode.

On the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya questions Porsha’s activism while speaking to Kandi Burruss. And she says, “Has anyone talked to Porsha? I know she was arrested, again.” After Kandi asked why Kenya sounded shady, Kenya said, “Cause at this point it just seems like maybe they’re just putting themselves in a position to be arrested.”

Well, Porsha has responded to Kenya’s comments from the upcoming episode.

She did so by posting a screenshot of social activist Tamika D. Mallory defending Porsha after an Instagram user accused her of using activism fora storyline. Tamika explained to the person that she actually invited Porsha to the protest she was arrested for. And the whole point of Porsha’s involvement was to use her celebrity status to bring awareness to Breonna Taylor’s death.

In the caption, Porsha wrote, “It really is sad that this had to be addressed. Thank you @tamikadmallory my leader and my sister in the struggle for all you do first and for most! However, I will say this I am on Rhoa and most of the show is for entertainment but when it comes to BLM let me be clear I will not be Reading anyone, I will not be shading anyone, I will not stoop down and give weight nor battle the topic of BLM with a fellow black woman on TV!”

She continued, “I take it very serious so all I will say is Kenya I will pray for you over the holidays and maybe even I can be a beacon of light in your dark heart when it comes to anything Porsha related or maybe I can enlighten you on the act of *Civil disobedience. I truly hope that in next week episode you are not questioning nor belittling the efforts of the very brave women and men all over the world who stood up and said No justice No peace and have to fight because innocent black men and women are being killed! I know we can do better than this. Let’s stay focused !!! VOTE VOTE VOTE ✊?? #Louisville87 #GoodTrouble”

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