Martell Holt & Melody Holt Turned Down RHOA to Protect Their Marriage

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The Holts turned down RHOA.

Carlos King has created a hit with “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” While the show has been constantly delivering plenty of dramatic moments, some fans have questioned if it’s taken a toll on some of the relationships. In particular, Martell Holt and Melody Holt’s marriage.

As of now, the former couple is in the middle of a divorce. It has had some contentious moments, too.

Melody has accused Martell of having a baby on the way. And both have said they want full custody.

With the Holts clashing on television and on social media, there have been many debates about the direction of the show. And interestingly enough, Martell recently revealed that they passed up being on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” because he wanted to keep them from splitting up.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Martell said, “That was one of Melody’s dreams in terms of being on TV. But not in this sense. You know? So that was one of the questions that I asked her a long time ago. What do you want to do? And she told me be on TV and I told her I’ll make it happen. And then I guess probably a couple years from then, one of my friends had mentioned Carlos King and I got in contact with Carlos King. We met up with and mentioned that we wanted to pitch a show or something like that. And that was about six years ago. Six or seven years ago now.”

He added, “He asked us if we wanted to be on Atlanta Housewives at the time. And at the time, verbatim, I said, ‘No. I want to keep my wife.’ Cause you know reality shows tend to break up happy homes at times, you know?”

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