‘Married to Medicine’ Star Kari Wells Shades Mariah Huq

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There’s a new doctor’s wife on “Married to Medicine.”

Mariah Huq had a very controversial exit from “Married to Medicine.” Before she didn’t receive a contract for season 8, her war of words with Quad Webb led to a lot of messy accusations. After Mariah said she thought Quad slept with her former brother in law, Quad accused Mariah of doing drugs.

So Mariah spent the following season showing drug test results and wanting the rest of the cast to stand with her as she tried to clear her name. However, most of the cast didn’t want anything to do with the situation. Meanwhile, Toya Bush-Harris and Dr. Simone Whitmore both stood with Mariah and said she had been lied on.

With Mariah being out and Buffie Purselle also not returning, a new doctor’s wife has been added to the “Married to Medicine” cast. And her name is Anila Sajaa. Her heritage is Indian American.

Lisa Nicole Cloud and Kari Wells have also been added back to the fold.

Kari Wells throws some shade.

Even though Mariah is no longer on the show, that didn’t stop Kari from shading Mariah recently. Dr. Heavenly Kimes tweeted a screenshot of Kari telling her that even though some have said that Heavenly copied Mariah, Kari feels that Mariah was actually copying her.

Kari then responded to the tweet, and wrote, “It’s true, she was hoping to take my place when I left ?  ? .”




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