‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Malaysia Has a Tough Conversation with Her Kids + Jennifer Returns

basketball wives season 9 episode 2
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The pandemic and injustice roar on.

The women are still dealing with the growing pandemic, and Evelyn says that her stepfather has contracted the virus. And he has pneumonia. So she’s worried and breaks down in tears.

They are also thinking heavily about the killing of George Floyd.

Producers cut the episode to four months later.

Jackie is hopeful.

Jackie has moved back to Sacramento with her family. In a green screen interview, Jackie says she has been trying to have a healthier lifestyle. So she’s made some changes to her diet. Her son Dougie is in homeschool. And her husband Doug says that with everything going on, he’s starting to feel as if sports is one thing that can bring people of different backgrounds and races together.

With protests also bringing people together all over the country, Jackie is hoping that the group can get past their issues.

Kristen and Shaunie have relocated.

Shaunie has officially been living in Houston for a few months. While Shaunie doesn’t miss LA too much, she does miss her friends. And the group is pretty much scattered all over the country now.

Malaysia is back in Atlanta and gets a visit from Kristen and her daughter. In a green screen interview, Kristen says that she and her family moved to Atlanta months ago. And she believes it’s the best place to raise children.

With everyone being sick of quarantine, Malaysia is starting to miss the collective.

Kristen tells Malaysia she was disappointed when she didn’t come to a protest for George Floyd. Malaysia says it’s been hard for her to process everything surrounding George Floyd’s death because it’s just a reminder that her brother was killed by police years ago.

Malaysia apologizes for not going to the protest but Kristen says she doesn’t have to. She understands that it’s hard for Malaysia. In a green screen interview, Malaysia says George Floyd’s death has triggered her fear of the police.

The virus has changed Evelyn’s life forever.

Evelyn is getting settled into her new home in a gated community. Her stepfather Larry passed away in a hospital by himself from Covid. She’s trying to be strong for her family. Her daughter Shanice breaks down in tears and tells Evelyn she’s proud of her for the woman she is and how she’s the backbone of the family.

Kristen sets up a meeting with Monteria Robinson, an activist who lost her son Jamarion to police brutality. As Monteria tells Malaysia ways she can get involved in fighting against police brutality, Malaysia understands that it’s now time for her to talk to her kids about it.

Through tears, Malaysia says to Monteria, “It’s hard to raise black kids right now.”

Jennifer is back.

Evelyn calls Liza, Kristen, Malaysia, and Feby about renting a mansion to catch up. She wants to invite Jackie as well. Both Feby and Malaysia are okay with this but hoping for the best after clashing with Jackie last season.

Jennifer has also moved to Atlanta. She said she wanted a fresh start and she’s been staying sane by working out. She doesn’t leave the house much thanks to the pandemic outside of a couple of parties here and there.

Kristen comes by to see Jennifer at her new house. And Jennifer tells Kristen that she had Covid and didn’t know it. Apparently, she contracted it while she was hanging out with friends in Miami.

They discuss the drama surrounding Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend. She accuses her ex of stealing her range rover.

And when it comes to Evelyn’s plan for everyone to catch up at a mansion, Jackie has decided to rent a mansion of her own for OG and Jennifer to stay. Kristen says she’s not really thrilled to see OG after OG got in her face. Jennifer says she feels the same way since “b*tches” throw tables.

At this point, Kristen tells Jennifer not to call Malaysia a b*tch but Jennifer says she will say what she wants in her house.

It’s a new chapter for OG and Kwame.

OG says she’s moved into a new house with Kwame. While OG is eating with her family and Kwame, she tells them her legal battle with Evelyn is ongoing. She filed a countersuit, so it’s a good idea that she will be in a separate house from Evelyn during the trip.

Kristen later calls Evelyn and tells her that Jackie got a house too and invited Jennifer and OG. They discuss the colorism and racism accusations made by OG. Kristen says if OG is using something as serious as colorism for her own benefit, she’s not sure how the group can move forward.

Malaysia has a tough conversation with her kids.

Malaysia has a talk with her kids about police brutality. She tells them that their uncle was killed by a cop. It gets emotional as she tells them how to handle a situation with an officer if things go wrong. She also urges them to love people who hate them for their skin color but they should stand up for themselves the way she taught them to as well.

OG and Kwame discuss the colorism topic. In OG’s opinion, anytime a darker-skinned woman is treated differently in the group, that’s colorism. But with everything going on in the world, she’s optimistic that the collective will realize that they were wrong for how they treated her last season.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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