OG Takes Issue with How the Recent Episode of ‘Basketball Wives’ Was Edited

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The conversation between OG and Kristen Scott didn’t go well.

OG has made it very clear that she believes she experienced colorism while being on “Basketball Wives.” Amid her ongoing feud with Evelyn Lozada, Evelyn used a monkey emoji on Instagram Story. OG then accused Evelyn of being racist. But Evelyn said that the emoji wasn’t in reference to OG, and the post wasn’t about her. Sometime after, Evelyn responded with a defamation lawsuit. And she claimed that the accusations made by OG were causing her to lose deals with major brands.

At the reunion for the previous season, OG said she felt as if colorism was an issue, and there was no real logical reason why she wasn’t allowed to film from the stage like everyone else. However, it was said that OG wasn’t allowed on the stage because some of the other women feared for their safety around her. For OG, this also made no sense since she didn’t have any physical altercations on the show.

On the recent episode, OG had a nonproductive conversation with Kristen Scott about the colorism accusations.

OG sets the record straight.

Well, hours after the episode aired, OG took to Instagram to make some points. And she posted the unedited audio from the conversation. In the Instagram caption, she wrote, “LiSTEN VERY CAREFULLY AFTER WAiTiNG OVER 2HRS FOR THiS GiRL TO COME FORCE AN iGNORANT CONVERSATiON..”


OG also wanted to make a few things clear. She wrote, “I do not care what these people think about me. Yes I experienced colorism. Yes I experienced racism. I initially expressed my concerns privately to see if these issues could be resolved. After publicly being defamed, segregated and called a monkey, I shared my experience. I was asked multiple times while filming to explain myself regarding these topics and did so in great detail (just to have it edited out). This is not my “storyline.” I’m not the one who keeps bringing it up. I have no reason to lie. This is simply what REALLY happened to me.. followed by pathetic attempts to do DAMAGE CONTROL. STOP perpetuating this disgusting FALSE narrative and TELL THE TRUTH..”

You can listen to the audio below.

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