Diamond Accuses Pimpin of Assaulting Her & Da Brat Goes Off

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Things worsen between Diamond and Pimpin.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Diamond and Pimpin have had a contentious relationship. It’s been very on and off. And full of heated moments. Despite this, they were attempting to make things work. However, they will have another blowup. And this unfolds on the upcoming episode.

Domestic violence accusations will be made.

Pimpin tells the guys that he had another fight with Diamond. But things got physical.

He says, “She’s very aggressive. I had to defend myself.” He continued, “But I already knew, she’s little. I can’t put my hands on her.”

At the same time, Diamond tells her side to Da Brat. She said, “He don’t know how to keep his hands to himself.”

Diamond says, “He snatched my wig off. I never hit him back.”

Da Brat then asks, “Did he hit you?”

And Diamond responds with, “Absolutely.”

At this point of the different conversations, Diamond and Pimpin then give their accounts on what allegedly went down. While Pimpin maintains that he wasn’t violent but Diamond was, Diamond tells a different story. She says, “So basically, he f*cking choked me. Swung me the f*ck around the room.”

This sets off the Da Brat.

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