Da Brat Wishes LisaRaye McCoy Would Stop Airing Out Their Issues in Interviews

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LisaRaye and Da Brat have had public fallouts.

Da Brat and LisaRaye have an interesting relationship. In fact, most know that the siblings have clashed quite a bit publicly. One of the most notable dark times in their relationship happened after Brat confirmed her romance with Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart. Da Brat would later say she was afraid to be open about her love life. And she thought that she’d have to deal with a lot of ignorance. In the end, many have been supportive of Brat and Judy’s relationship. However, LisaRaye was offended after she had to find out about the situation on social media.

So when Da Brat popped up on “Cocktails with Queens” to wish her sister a happy birthday, LisaRaye was not impressed. She went off and told everyone she found out the great news on the internet. And LisaRaye thought this was very disrespectful since she’s always been close to Da Brat.

Da Brat was hurt by LisaRaye’s reaction, however, the sisters were able to move past the drama. However, it was deja vu for LisaRaye months ago. After Da Brat and Judy revealed they are expanding their family, LisaRaye did a controversial interview. And she said that she once again had to find out what was up with Judy and Da Brat on social media.

Well, Da Brat opens up about this on the upcoming episode of “Brat Loves Judy.” And she really wishes LisaRaye would stop speaking on their issues so publicly.

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  1. At first I understood where Lisa was coming from but seeing her behavior more on YouTube, I can see she’s not a nice person and very nasty at times. I now understand why Brat doesn’t tell her much.

  2. Brat makes sense. When I get into it with my sister, I don’t blast our business to everyone else. Lisa Raye must like drama because I can’t think of any other reason she keeps doing this.

  3. I think Lisa has some envy going on. Brat is choosing not to let her in her life because Lisa is getting caught up in her feelings. I wouldn’t want to deal with her neither.

  4. I understand both sides. I did this to my sister and bestie and they were hurt. At first I didn’t understand until my daughter did it to me. I felt hurt and left out. Like I was on the same level as strangers. Lisa was wrong for airing out their grievances on Social Media whether she felt some type of way or not.

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