LisaRaye McCoy & Jesseca Dupart Move Forward After Clashing Over Da Brat

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Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy’s problems have been hot topics in the media.

LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat’s relationship has been one social media is very vocal about. This is due to the fact that sometimes the sisters’ issues play out in the public eye. In fact, LisaRaye blasted Da Brat when she appeared on “Cocktails with Queens.” Da Brat popped up to surprise her and wish LisaRaye a happy birthday. However, LisaRaye didn’t look happy. Her co-hosts immediately felt the tension. After things got awkward, LisaRaye explained what her issue with Da Brat was at that time. She said they haven’t spoken in months. LisaRaye took issue with Da Brat not telling her about her romance with Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart.

Da Brat said she wasn’t trying to hurt her sister. It’s just that she was afraid to tell her about the relationship. In fact, she was afraid to go public at all about her love for Judy. She worried that people would be homophobic about the news. But for LisaRaye, it was hurtful to hear her sister’s good news on social media. She thought they were way too close for things to go down the way that they did.

After the sisters got past that situation, LisaRaye became upset again. She said she found out that Da Brat and Judy are expanding their family from their social media posts. And she confirmed this in an interview. Doing so bothered Da Brat. And she and Judy tried to explain this to LisaRaye on “Brat Loves Judy.”

The episode was a tense one. And viewers had the impression that LisaRaye and Judy were not on good terms.

Well, the recent episode was a positive one. Not only did Judy and Da Brat tie the knot, but LisaRaye took a huge step in getting back in a good place with her sister and sister-in-law.

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  1. Yeah…Jessica was trying to keep it cute but sis was just this side of whooping Lisa’s a**.

  2. Get you some business it’s not necessary to discuss anything with her first.Stop trying to control the narrative and let them live THEIR lives.Just be happy for them and stop dragging them out in public.

    1. Exactly! Let them be happy regardless of what social media puts out & you read bc if you are so desperate to know what is goin on, don’t you have a phone, all it takes is a minute to reach out!

  3. LisaRaye acts as if she didn’t know how to make a call. If she was concerned about not speaking to Brat for months she could have called her. Conversations take 2.
    LisaRaye needs to respect that Brat doesn’t her discussing her in interviews and do it.

    1. I have 1 sister & although we may not see eye to eye on many things, I love her & when I need or want to talk to her, I pick up my phone & dial her digits and we have a conversation. When I feel the need to see her, I go visit, it’s very simple. It should be extremely simple for them bc they have the funds to do it at the drop of a hat, jus hop on a plane since they are in different cities.

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