GUHHATL Recap: Bow Wow Gets His Answer + Deb’s Listening Party Angers Jhonni

GUHHATL Season 4 episode 10 Recap
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On tonight’s “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Deb decides to host her listening party for her EP. However, she’s very furious with almost everyone she invited to join the project. Apparently, in two and a half months, Deb was only able to get one complete song. Although that specific song was supposed to feature Da Brat, Diamond, Jhonni Blaze, and Reemarkable, Reemarkable’s verse seemingly didn’t fit the tone of the song.

 As a result, Da Brat and Deb agreed to pull Reemarkable from the song. Of course, Reemarkable hears about this and is angry. However, this anger doesn’t match the anger Jhonni unleashes at the event due to horrible sound, and Deb’s management of the project, and the sound quality of the listening party. 

This leads to Jhonni going off and Deb seemingly appearing to be done with Jhonni, this time. 

Meanwhile, Ayana does all she can to fully avoid talking to not just Reemarkable, but Shaniah at the event. 

Lastly, Bow Wow learns whether or not he’s the father of a newborn. 

Here’s the recap for, “Lil Bow Wow.” 

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