‘Basketball Wives’ Star Nia Dorsey Has a Message for OG’s Supporters

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

The tension continues between OG and some of the other women on BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” star OG expressed her frustrations with some of the other women on the show during the previous season. Amid her feud with Evelyn Lozada, she was not allowed to film the reunion with the rest of the cast. While they filmed on the stage, OG was forced to film with her boyfriend in another room.

When she brought up that she thought this was unfair, she was told that some of the others felt unsafe around her.

This made no sense to OG since multiple people on the stage had gotten into physical altercations on the show, but they were never iced out. And she never fought anyone. So she said that she was the victim of colorism. Although the cast denied this, many fans of the show agreed and rallied behind OG on social media.

On the current season, a couple of the ladies have been attempting to talk to OG about the colorism accusations. In particular, Malaysia Pargo and Kristen Scott have both tried. However, the conversations didn’t get very far. OG has said that she wants a genuine apology at this point, and she’s not settling for anything less.

Newbies and sisters Nia Dorsey and Noria Dorsey-Taggart moved into Jackie Christie’s mansion during the cast vacation. So they spent some time with OG. While things started off in a positive place, they eventually began to have tension with her.

And recently, Nia had something to say to some of OG’s supporters.

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