‘Basketball Wives’ Star Nia Dorsey Has a Message for OG’s Supporters

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OG has been clashing with the BBWLA newbies.

OG is having some tension with some of the other women on “Basketball Wives.” She believes that she is the victim of colorism by the rest of the cast. And while a couple of the ladies have attempted to talk to her about the situation, OG had made it clear that she won’t accept anything other than an apology.

First, it seemed as if OG could find new allies in newbies Noria Dorsey-Taggart and Nia Dorsey. In fact, when they first arrived at Jackie Christie’s vacation mansion, they told OG that they too have been victims of colorism. So when OG told them about an old teacher telling her she would never amount to anything, the sisters thought this was an important thing that the rest of the group needed to know. And they believed that the others knowing this could make the conversation about the accusations made by OG more fruitful.

However, OG didn’t like that they went back and told the others what happened to her while she was a child. She told them that they don’t know the others well enough to repeat anything. And in the future, they should talk to her before they repeat anything she tells them.

Nia and Noria weren’t feeling OG’s tone. They felt she was rude and said she doesn’t know how to speak to others. So they will have a heated exchange on the upcoming episode. At one point, OG told them to let her finish talking or they would be finished. And Noria told OG to finish her.

As fans remain vocal on social media, Nia Dorsey responded.

And recently, Nia had something to say to OG’s fans who have been critical of the other women coming to OG to talk about colorism.

On the Basketball Wives Tea Instagram page, Nia wrote, “Lol making peace is just something ppl don’t want from the comments. Y’all scream y’all don’t want drama but I see comments that are so negative and hate when peace is trying to be made. Smh so really U don’t want a resolution, and if u just don’t ppl just say that. But y’all looking for any flaw just to complain and that’s not healthy mentally and physically. What about the threat? I guess y’all just going to brush that under the rug. We just lost a loved one, what wise words to choose. And trust the one ur riding for did a lot of rude things behind the scenes when we were riding for her. But y’all got it.”

You can check out the rest of Nia’s comments here.

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