‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Simone Snubs Jackie in a Very Hurtful Way

married to medicine season 8 episode 2
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On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” Simone and Jackie are still processing their feelings about their fallout. Although Heavenly pushes the two women to talk things out, they aren’t really ready to put it all on the table. While Simone feels as if Jackie was wrong put her friendship with Heavenly on the same level as the one she has had with Simone, Jackie also feels a bit betrayed. In fact, she questions why Simone didn’t call out Buffie last season.

And with things so tense between them, Simone decides it would be best to not invite Jackie to Michael’s graduation celebration. This is very hurtful to Jackie. She delivered Michael and she can’t believe that things have even gotten to this point.

While Simone and Jackie haven’t gotten anywhere, Simone is able to hash things out with Heavenly. So Heavenly hopes that their progress will eventually lead to the return of the “Golden Girls.” But it will take a lot of work. And Jackie and Simone will have to have an honest conversation that will make the both of them uncomfortable.

Here’s a recap for, “Graduation Snub.”

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